Footloose and Fancy Free, Celebrating 25 years Round the Vines

While 2020 and Covid dampened the dreams of those who were looking forward to walking or running around the vines, 2021 came up trumps, the 25th year of brilliant organisation and commitment from the Martinborough School Committee and the community.  In the words of Charlies Angel’s, Beth, Anna, Jeremy, and …

Write your memories next month at Martinborough Library

Library also welcomes a big shipment of new books—come find your next read! We’re all full of memories, big and small—everything from ‘That was the year I fell in love’ all the way down to ‘Tuesday lunch was a ham-and-cheese toastie.’ The memoirist’s trick is finding a way to weave …

Under The Martinborough Stars

Have you ever wondered where the constellations came from? Do you know your Crux from your Musca? Or Scorpius from Pavo? Who got to name them? Humans are very good at seeing patterns in just about anything. Clouds. Toast. Rocky outcrops on Mars. Wherever we look we see a shape, …

Aroha String Quartet with Clarinettist Rachel Vernon

After a disappointing cancellation of their June concert due to level 2 lockdown, the Greytown Music Group is hoping all will be well for their next concert, on Sunday 22 August, when the Aroha Quartet will join forces with Rachel Vernon on clarinet. The Aroha String Quartet was formed in …

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Under The Martinborough Stars

June 9, 2021 June 2021 Comments Off on Under The Martinborough Stars

For a really long time, we thought our planet, the Earth, was slap bang in the centre of the whole Universe. Everything we could see above us in the sky had us in the centre. It was a pretty nice feeling.

However, Galilleo and Copernicus a few hundred years ago worked out it was actually the Sun that was in the centre of our Solar System and not us and that we were a mere crumb of rock orbiting it. … Continue Reading

South Wairarapa Rotary Farewells its President – Brian Baxter

June 9, 2021 June 2021 Comments Off on South Wairarapa Rotary Farewells its President – Brian Baxter

Last week South Wairarapa Rotary farewelled their President for 2020/21, Brian Baxter.  Brian had been with the South Wairarapa Rotary for ?? years and was voted in as President for the annual term of one year.  Brian and his wife, Jane Davis, have moved to Christchurch where Jane has been appointed to the Christchurch City Council.  

Brian left six weeks before the end of his term as President, so Past President Paul Mason takes over the role until incoming President Anne Atkinson takes over on 1 July. A special evening will be held to welcome Anne into her role as President for 2021/22. … Continue Reading

From the Mayor

June 9, 2021 June 2021 Comments Off on From the Mayor

I have been watching the painting of the Martinborough Museum over the past few weeks, and have been amazed at how smart it now looks.  ‘Flash as Slim Dusty’ as my mother used to say. Well done! 

Consultation on the Long Term Plan and Spatial Plan has concluded and we’re now very familiar with the Waihinga Supper Room, having spent many days closeted in it while we heard submissions and deliberated. There were an incredible number of submissions – over 800. The calibre of the submissions was high and the views put forward during oral submissions were heartfelt. We can be proud that the public are having their say on what happens in the community. … Continue Reading

Red Cross News

June 9, 2021 June 2021 Comments Off on Red Cross News

Neighbours Day – “The Great Plant Swap” – 14 April

Neighbours Day was a joint event with Neighbourhood Support, Red Cross, South Wairarapa District Council, and the Martinborough Community Garden.

The theme of Neighbours Day was connecting communities and offered an opportunity to visit the Martinborough Community Garden and swap a plant with a neighbour.  After a delay due to rain the Neighbours Day event took place on 14 April at the Martinborough Community Garden.  A great outcome for the volunteers was an article in the Wairarapa Mid-Week (21 April) highlighting their work in providing fresh vegies for anyone who needs them.  This produce is available for free at the Martinborough Medical Centre.   … Continue Reading


Watch out Cobra Kai!  Local karate club takes out Champion Dojo Trophy

On Saturday 12 June, Wairarapa’s Okinawa Goju-ryu Karate (OGKWI) club competed against karate clubs from across the lower North Island to win the overall Kāpiti Karate Academy Championships.    13 karate students from South Wairarapa travelled to Kāpiti to compete against students from 12 other karate clubs in kata (technique), …

Bruce Henderson – LIFE MEMBER

At the recent Club Day of MRFC Bruce Henderson was awarded Life Membership to the Club, a well deserving recipient. Bruce started playing rugby in the JAB grade and played right through to a Senior, where he played 3 seasons (this was cut short as his son Nigel was very …

Junior Football

Martinborough Junior Football Club is halfway through the 2021 season, so it is a good opportunity to provide an update. The Club is made up of two parts – Juniors (4 to 13 year olds) and Seniors. All of our teams play in competitions run by Capital Football. Capital Football …

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