Behind the Scenes at the Martinborough Music Festival

Until he took on the role of Chair of the Martinborough Music Festival Ed Allen thought he had a good sense of what was involved in putting on such an event.  After all he’d performed professionally as a French Horn player all over the world.  “Not so”, he says now.  …

A lively, healthy community 

The Rapaki Walk summit is a beautiful place to celebrate achievement.  In late October, 11 walkers looked down over the village and Te Muna Road as they marked the first birthday of their Walking Group, part of the Martinborough Healthy Community Project. Every Friday morning for a year the group …

Christmas Parade continues with Christmas Magic in Martinborough

There is nothing quite so magical as Christmas, so two years ago Fiona Couchman launched the Christmas Magic in Martinborough Show to create awareness and gifts for children in need in our local community. While she took a break last year to do some gifting of her own donating her …

Community Garden News 

 Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!’ —Robin Williams Spring is indeed a wonderful time in the garden, and the Community Garden is no exception. Summer hours: Wednesday and Sunday 10am-12noon Our spring planting is well underway, and we seem to have chased away the winter blights and vermin. …

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June 11, 2018 June2018 Comments Off on WHAREKAKA TRUST BOARD


Wharekaka Trust Board would like to invite expressions of interest in becoming a member of the Trust Board.  We are seeking expressions of interest from people who are genuinely interested in the work of the Trust.

Wharekaka Trust Board is a Not-For-Profit charity providing governance to Wharekaka Rest Home and Villas in Martinborough.  Trustee positions are unpaid.

We are keen to hear from people who are experienced and capable in any of the following:

  • An appreciation and understanding of the nuances of a Not-For-Profit organisation.
  • Marketing, sponsorship and fundraising experience.
  • Established networks and networking abilities, particularly with iwi and cultural groups.
  • Ability to think laterally and innovatively.
  • Business and financial acumen.
  • A genuine interest in and desire to make a difference for older people.
  • Knowledge of and experience in delivery of aged care, nursing, or other health services.

Along with your skills and experience, you will need to be collaborative, and a strong contributor as a key member of this Trust Board. … Continue Reading

Urinary Care

June 11, 2018 June2018 Comments Off on Urinary Care

Could your cat or dog have urinary issues?  

Lower Urinary tract disease (LUTD) is a general term used for various diseases that can affect your pet’s urinary tract, the body’s drainage system to remove wastes and excess water. 

There are a few urinary tract conditions that can affect your pet such as infection, bladder stones and incontinence. The common risk factors include stress, being overweight, certain foods and low water intake. Your pet could have a urinary disorder if it shows these common signs: accidents in the house, frequent attempts to urinate (can be mistaken for straining to defecate), blood in urine, frequent licking of the urinary opening or any signs of pain while urinating. Though this sounds equally painful for your pet and for your carpet there are ways of managing a urinary disorder. 

Treatment for LUTD involves bringing your pet into your local veterinary clinic for examination where a thorough history is taken. If required laboratory work which includes a urine and possibly blood tests may be needed. Sometimes it is helpful if you can bring a urine sample into the clinic at the time of your consult. Your vet will use these tools as well as a physical exam to determine the correct treatment.  The right food can help restore your pet’s health as it helps to dissolve stones and reduce mineral build up in the bladder. 

If your pet is not urinating freely or has a blockage (male cats especially), then this condition is urgent and could be fatal. Please call your local veterinary clinic immediately.

South Wairarapa Veterinary Services


Tuhirangi JAB Rugby

June 11, 2018 June2018 Comments Off on Tuhirangi JAB Rugby

The JAB rugby season has kicked off and this year Tuhirangi have children playing across 7 different teams.  In the Under 6 Rippa grade we have our own Tuhirangi team.  Our Under 8’s, Under 10’s and Under 11’s have combined with Martinborough. Our Under 9’s have combined with Greytown.  Unfortunately we have had to split our Under 13 players and we have some playing with the Greytown Southern team and the rest have combined with Gladstone.  Many thanks to the other rugby clubs that include our children in their teams to ensure they all get to play.

The Tuhirangi Old Timers Day is booked in for Saturday 9th June and we are lucky enough to be having 4 of our JAB teams playing at home in Pirinoa before the senior’s game.   The Under 10’s are playing at 10.00am, followed by the Under 11’s at 11.30am.  The Under 13’s will kick off at 1.00pm and then the main game is at 2.30pm.

We have new members taking up positions on the committee this year.  Mark Clarkson is president, Mel Handyside the Treasurer and Victoria Shaw has taken over as Secretary.

We look forward to a great season ahead.

Malcolm Jaspers  Tuhirangi JAB Delegate

       Young Musicians’ Concert in Greytown  –  

June 11, 2018 June2018 Comments Off on        Young Musicians’ Concert in Greytown  –  

 4pm Sunday 24 June

The Greytown Music Group’s next concert will be a varied programme of music by Schubert, Ravel, Chopin, Bach and John Psathas, presented by the Tararua Trio: pianist Noelle Dannenbring, cellist Bethany Angus, and violinist Nathan Pinkney.

Noelle, a former Sir Edmund Hillary scholar, has just completed her Masters degree in piano performance under Katherine Austin at the University of Waikato. Last year she was a semi-finalist in the 2017 National Wallace Piano Competition and the National Concerto Competition, and in 2016 she won the University of Waikato Concerto Competition. She has a strong passion for playing chamber music, and has done well in chamber music competitions.  

This year she is teaching piano at St Peter’s School in Cambridge, providing tuition to tertiary minor piano students, and is in demand as an accompanist. She has just made her debut with the Trust Waikato Symphony Orchestra, performing Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue. Ed and Juliet Cooke attended the concert, and were impressed by Noelle’s musicianship and performance. … Continue Reading