Every year, renowned New Zealand winewriter Michael Cooper brings out his Buyer’s Guide to New Zealand Wines and this year’s edition has a very special meaning for one boutique Martinborough vineyard. On the same day that they were advised they had won two Gold Medals and a Silver Medal at …

Technicolour fun

If you are a kid it’s not often that adults tell you to mess up your clothes.   Perhaps that’s why the Colour Run at Considine park last month was such a hit.  You started with a clean white t-shirt and ended up with your own unique rainbow coloured top. …

Looking after the Kororā

People love penguins.  They’re amused by their waddling walk and their smart little “jackets”.  But life is getting hard for these birds.  The Kororā  (or Little Penguin) is the smallest in the world and found all around the coastline of New Zealand.   Although fishing vessels report seeing them at …

Martinborough Community Choir.

The choir is looking forward to our last concert for the year, before we take an extended break over the holiday season. In our December concerts we’ve traditionally performed a wide variety of songs we’ve enjoyed singing throughout the year and we’ve featured small groups – in recent years from …

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Did you know

November 11, 2019 November 2019 Comments Off on Did you know

THE ROSE AND FLOWER show is on this Saturday at the Town Hall. Come along and be amazed at the beautiful blooms – and delight in the scents.  

IN THE FIRST six months of this year Life Flight flew rescue flights helping a total of 765 people. There will be a Wairarapa rural horse trek fundraiser for Life Flight over the 29 th November and 1 st December. For details contact Joe Brown  06 377 7429 or 027 758 1711. 

THE AVERAGE City/District Council personal cost is $1, 364 per household. Westland council has the dubious honour of being New Zealand’s most expensive at $3, 643 per household. While at only  $724 South Wairarapa is in New Zealand’s lowest five.  A pat on the back for SWDC. 

‘A BOOKSHOP is one of the only pieces of evidence  we have that people are still thinking’ –Jerry Seinfield … Continue Reading


November 11, 2019 November 2019 Comments Off on A LITTLE MORE from the MUSE …

It’s almost certain that the vast majority of my readers will be familiar with the nagging and sometimes panic-inducing feeling of being short of time. There’s even a word for it these days – time-poor; although in my case, time-absolutely-skint might be more apt. Full of confidence, we set ourselves a collection of tasks which are affectionately titled ‘Things To Do’. These may be in order of importance and priority, but trying to follow that sequence demands strong flesh as well as that willing spirit. I, for one, seem to be doomed to fail. And setting time limits doesn’t help.

Here’s a poem I jotted down one day – probably procrastinating at the time! … Continue Reading

Do Male and Female Brains Differ?

November 11, 2019 November 2019 Comments Off on Do Male and Female Brains Differ?

It’s a myth.


It has long been thought that male and female brains are different.

‘Men are from Mars and women are from Venus’ is the kind of pop psychology that grew out of the belief that because ‘men have bigger brains’ they were better able to think and process. It is true than on average, the brain of an average man weighs around 140 grams (5 ounces) heavier than the brain of an average female. 

Research shows, however, that irrespective of gender, the bigger a person is, the bigger the brain will be. It is body size that determines brain size. There is no evidence to suggest, however, that bigger brains are ‘better and more able’ brains.

MRI reveals the truth

With the advent of MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) brain scans, we know that human brains are plastic, capable of growing, changing and being moulded in many different ways.

A 2015 study led by Daphna Joel at Tel Aviv University examined the brains of more than 100 brain structures in over 1400 brain scans and found that it was impossible to divide these neatly into female-typical and male-typical brains. Each brain had a mosaic of different characteristics. … Continue Reading

It’s the 125th Birthday of this Charming Heritage Cottage

October 14, 2019 October 2019 Comments Off on It’s the 125th Birthday of this Charming Heritage Cottage

Open Days at the Museum

The museum will be open for extended hours over Labour Weekend so come in and check us out.

  • See how people lived a 100 years ago
  • Visit the special exhibition on the history of the Natusch-designed building
  • Become part of history yourself – put an entry in the Time Capsule (sealed until 2044)
  • Bring the kids to try the museum  treasure hunt
  • Test your skills on some old-fashioned technology
  • Browse our collection of local history books
  • Enjoy traditional baking with Will Geisler from Buttercream Workshop

Fundraising Movie Gala For the Martinborough Museum

Before the grapes arrived Martinborough was a typical small  rural town.   In 1982 A film crew came here to capture this history and record the centennial celebrations 

The Museum Trust invites you to a screening of this fascinating glimpse into our past.  The evening will include other entertainments and nibbles

Proceeds will be used to help create a new exhibition space so we can showcase more of our local history  … Continue Reading


Martinborough Junior Hockey – 2019 Results and Prizegiving

Our 1st XI team came so close to victory in their final of the A-grade competition against rivals, MIS Falcons.  Martinborough scored an early goal in the first half of the game and held their defence until MIS scored a late goal in the final 3 minutes to draw 1-1 …

Kahutara School Hockey Wrap-up

Kahutara School managed to enter a total of three teams in various Wairarapa Hockey Association junior grades played at Clareville Hockey Stadium this season, a mean feat for a school of our size.  The Kahutara Blue team played Tuesday nights in the 6 Aside quarter field grade. The team did …

Junior Rugby

Our 2019 JAB season has come to an end, we have had an another amazing season with some awesome results. 2019 saw MRFC have around 75 registered players each year our numbers continue to grow and we have some huge things in the pipeline for 2020. Congratulations to all players …

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Plenty of issues Our current mayor seems to think the council had a hand in …

Did you know

‘YOU WILL NEVER reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog …

Cooking corner – Potato rendang

INGREDIENTS 8 small potatoes, coarsely chopped 1/4 cup vegetable oil 1 onion, finely chopped 185 …

Know your town – Soldiers’ Memorial Park

Originally the Square was called Martin Square and the North – South and East – …

 Community Garden News

“In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.” Margaret …

News from Wharekaka

The AGM was held on 19 September.  Attendees heard that Wharekaka is in good heart …

Under The Martinborough Stars

Take a look up tonight and you’ll see a sparkling silver band of stars dominating …

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