Troublesome Hinekura Road formally re-opened – for now

By Ray Lilley Hinekura Road _ a 23-kilometer stretch of mostly narrow, winding, hilly and massively poor condition access road to rural farmlands east of Martinborough _ formally reopened on April 18, with a red ribbon cut to mark the event. Some 25 people, including the acting mayor, three councillors, …

Electrifying comes to Marty town centre

The Wairarapa’s first EV (electric) delivery van will shortly be trundling P&K orders round the streets of Martinborough. It will be followed by the installation of two EV fast charging stations at the shopping carpark off the Square. Until now, no formal plans for EV charging stations have surfaced for …

Palestine war vigil attracts toots, waves in Square

By Ray Lilley A protest group holding Palestinian flags, posters reading “Toot for Gaza,” “Genocide” and “Free Palestine” is winning solid support – with tooting, waves and thumbs-up from passing motorists and, notably, younger tourists who stop to add to the gathering of between 12 and 20 locals. Some join …

Skyline Challenge “roaring” success for Lions

After last year’s cyclonic washout, this year’s Lions’ Club Skyline Challenge was a “roaring” success, with around 250 participants turning up to mountain bike ride, run and walk over the challenging hills north of town to enjoy the fabulous views and perfect weather conditions. “It was such a disappointment last …

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Pain Farm issues for critical public airing

May 7, 2024 May 2024 No Comments

By Storm Robertson, Chair, Martinborough Community Board

When the current Martinborough Community Board (MCB) first got together we decided we needed to understand what issues the community had and what we could do to make a worthwhile contribution to potentially resolving them. We set off by holding “Meet the MCB” meetings and right from the start, Pain Farm (PF) was a constant topic raised.

There were many issues about the farm estate raised, so we determined to understand PF and how it was operating.

What we found was the accounts were being poorly maintained, details of spending were incomplete, contracts were either non-existent or being poorly managed and Council did not seem to understand its role as Trustee.

We also found that in 2019 the then-MCB had approached council formerly requesting actions including explanations of how the account was being managed, and in particular its financial status, what funds were due to PF, and details of outgoings being paid to council and what contracts were in place.

At the time, the council acknowledged they had managed PF poorly and would set about to improve the situation.

In 2023 the very same issues existed and in fact council had increased its charges to PF by treating it as one of its assets.

The impact was the current MCB could not accurately determine the financial status of PF and therefore we suspended applications for funding grants.

After several meetings between council and MCB, a document, Memorandum of Agreement, was set up and signed in October 2023, with a review due to be held in December 2023. … Continue Reading

Palestine war vigil attracts toots, waves in Square

May 7, 2024 May 2024 No Comments

Palestine vigil at Martinborough Square Memorial Gate wins passerby support.

By Ray Lilley

A protest group holding Palestinian flags, posters reading “Toot for Gaza,” “Genocide” and “Free Palestine” is winning solid support – with tooting, waves and thumbs-up from passing motorists and, notably, younger tourists who stop to add to the gathering of between 12 and 20 locals.

Some join the weekly vigil for 10 minutes, a few journey down from Carterton and Featherston –  and some join other vigils being held across the Wairarapa, protester Alan Barker told The Star.

Some of the group also fly the Palestine flag at their properties in solidarity with a people who have been under Israeli bombardment for more than seven months, after the Hamas raid into Israel on October 7 sparked the so-called Gaza War. Tens of thousands of Palestinians have been killed in the campaign.

“We get toots, a lot of people gives thumbs-up, a lot of people pausing to look and maybe going away to have a think,” Barker said. 

“We’ve had a few thumbs-down, a couple of people shout at us, call us  terrorists – a label I’d be happy to wear if I was capable of being one, paraplegic as I am. We’ve had people from Palestine here tell us we’re dong a good thing.”

“The objective is to say to people around us there is something happening you can’t avert your face from – there’s something happening here. Is this your inheritance, you allowed this to happen on your watch?” 

“Its now almost totally onesided and horrific to watch and I don’t want to be part of that, for God’s sake.”  … Continue Reading

Recalling the Fallen

May 7, 2024 May 2024 No Comments

Blustery winds and cloudy skies were no deterrents at Martinborough’s Anzac Day Dawn Parade – 106 years after the end of WW1.

Martinborough Nurse Trish is on the line for mums

May 7, 2024 May 2024 No Comments

Martinborough-based PlunketLine nurse Trish Higginson is one of scores of staffers round the country to celebrate 30 years of operation for the free-to-call healthline service.

Day, night, and in the wee hours, PlunketLine registered nurses are there to talk to anyone who has questions or concerns about caring for under-five’s. 

Chief Executive Fiona Kingsford says the service has logged about 2.5 million calls since it first lifted a receiver – around 300 calls every day.

Modernisation means the once after-hours telephone-based service now offers one-on-one video calls.

As well as answering all calls related to raising under-fives, Trish is part of a team offering online face-to-face specialist sleep support. Sleep or lack of is one of the top reasons people call the service. 

Around 850 specialist sleep support sessions have been done since it went on line last year.

“It’s so important for caregivers to look after themselves and reach out for support. If you’re not feeling your best, it’s really tough to care for a little one,” she said. 

Calls relating to maternal mental health increased rapidly during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Latest data shows they remain high – up 70 percent from the onset of the pandemic.

“Sometimes people need someone to talk to, to figure things out. Having someone to listen and navigate where to go to for support can make all the difference,” she added. 

“Sometimes our nurses will call the GP or other support services on the mother’s behalf – take the load off, make it easier to access the support they need,” said Fiona.

PlunketLine: 0800 933 922. Calls are free from mobile phones.


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Golf clubhouse fundraising builds up

An amazing fundraising day for the new clubhouse was held on April 19 when 34 teams took to the course in an ambrose tournament. The winners on the day with net 54.87 were Taylor Dewis, Robbie Robinson, Tom de Groen and Liam Richardson.  The longest drive for men went to …

Women’s football team in Green, Black and … Pink strip

Martinborough Football Club has unveiled a vibrant new palette of green, black and pink with the introduction of a women’s team, marking a significant milestone for the club. The rise of interest in women’s football, fueled by events like the FIFA Women’s World Cup, highlighted the demand for local opportunities. …

New golf clubhouse build, fund-raising up and running

Martinborough golf’s new clubhouse build is well under way _ as are fundraising efforts. It doesn’t seem long since we watched the demolition of the old clubhouse and now the frames for half the new building are in place with scaffolding up ready for the roof timbers. Everything is going …

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