$10,000 goal well surpassed 

A great night was had by all at the P&K ‘Quiz for Life’ at the Village Cafe on the 23rd of February. The P&K team had set an ambitious goal of raising $10,000 for Relay for Life, with funds going to The Wairarapa Cancer Society. Over $4,000 had already been raised …

The three centenarians

At the last census there were 558 centenarians in New Zealand.   What is amazing that three of them live right here in Martinborough, at Wharekaka.   I decided to ask each to tell me the most exciting thing that had happened in their long lives. Gladys Stephen, the oldest …

Ventana three years on

It’s hard to believe it’s approaching the three year mark since Ventana opened its doors 7th of June 2016.  I’m proud to look back on several full years of sparking creativity and joy for our community as well as creating a platform for small artisan businesses local and abroad.  We’re …

“A lawn clipping sandwich please”

It was the early 60s and Noeline Thomas’s three children, Grant, Jackie and Brent were entering their teens.  She wondered what new interest she might take up now they were more independent.   Noel, in the way of husbands in those days, had his own views on this.   He …

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War Memories

March 15, 2019 March 2019 Comments Off on War Memories

Toni Pyl

Part 10

On the evening of May 24th 1945 an old friend of mine rushed into the house shouting that the war had ended! We were urged to come out onto the streets and celebrate but I was already in bed and wasn’t allowed to go out. That night I wept with rage!

The next day was like a dream, there were white notices everywhere saying the Germans had capitulated and we were well and truly free!

It was another beautiful day and the sky was full of low flying aeroplanes. In the town where I went to school, a crowd had gathered at the Town Hall and were looking up at a Dutch flag being hoisted up. The crowd quivered and broke into singing the national anthem, no wonder some people were in tears. At school the flag was raised as well and we were then sent home for a long holiday. … Continue Reading

We Are the Very Model of a Modern University

March 15, 2019 March 2019 Comments Off on We Are the Very Model of a Modern University


(with a nod to Gilbert and Sullivan)

We are the very model of a modern university

We’ve done away with knowledge and we’re all about diversity

Indigenous ethnicity and gender multiplicity

And when we get offended how we generate publicity!


We’re cuddly Marxist-Leninists and Islamist apologists

And Helen Clarxist feminists, indigenous ethnologists

We have our NZUSA to help the LGBTQ

And if you’re brown and being put down we’ll stop the white man beating you! … Continue Reading

SYLVIA at the ANZAC Hall, Featherston – from Thursday 14 March.

March 15, 2019 March 2019 Comments Off on SYLVIA at the ANZAC Hall, Featherston – from Thursday 14 March.

The Greytown Little Theatre’s next production will be, ‘Sylvia’ by A.R Gurney and will be presented for a 7-performance season at the ANZAC Hall, Featherston from Thursday 14 March.

‘Sylvia’ is a heart-warming comedy about the special relationship between a man, his dog and his wife. Director, Lynn Bushell says, “We treat our dogs as if they are human and this is what we see in ‘Sylvia’, we really learn what the term a man’s best friend means.”

Greg (James Riley) is suffering from a midlife crisis, whereas Kate (Lucy Cooper), his wife, enjoys the freedom of no kids and a new career which leads to a relationship on opposing paths. Into this mix comes a lost dog, the irrepressible, adorable Sylvia (Victoria Stevens) who adopts Greg as her saviour and follows his home. Chaos reigns as Sylvia’s attempts to fit into the household create havoc. With well-meaning but often dubious advice from Tom, Phyllis and a Therapist (Rachel Hope) Greg and Kate come to learn the power of unconditional love to heal a relationship. … Continue Reading

Wharekaka News

March 15, 2019 March 2019 Comments Off on Wharekaka News

Wharekaka now has three residents who have reached the milestone of 100 years old.  Our most recent being Dennis Maugham.  Dennis has written some amazing stories on his life as a Lieutenant in the Royal Navy during the second world war, and we are very privileged to read these.

We welcome back the intergenerational play group with their monthly visits along with Digital Seniors who are meeting twice a month in Wharekaka’s dining room. Please feel free to come along and join both groups.

A big thanks to Tom Bunny (pedal power) and Joe from Green Jersey Cycles for taking residents on bike rides around the town.  This is great and I know those who take part really enjoy themselves.

We look forward to a busy New Year and are very grateful for all the wonderful support we receive from the community.