Westpac Rescue Helicopter named New Zealand’s Most Trusted Charity – 2018

Westpac Rescue Helicopter is New Zealand’s Most Trusted Charity of 2018 according to the annual Reader’s Digest public poll. Westpac Rescue Helicopters service the four main New Zealand centres: Wellington, Auckland, Waikato and Christchurch; and from these bases cover the majority of New Zealand. These services are operated by the …

The bags have landed

In 2017 two motivated local women, Carolyn Irwin and Amanda Ritchie, introduced the Boomerang Bag model to Martinborough.  The community embraced the concept, donating fabric and countless sewing hours to create a wonderful array of over 1700 colourful bags for locals and visitors to use as an alternative to single …

Thank you Martinborough

Day two of DIY Marae. What an amazing community we have. Our whānau do us proud. I have never seen our trustees smile so much. The mahi continues, with returning and new whānau each becoming part of our marae and making their mark. If your local in Marty take a …

Pony Club enjoys a successful season.

The South Wairarapa Pony Club has completed a very successful season in which they provided four of the five riders in the Wairarapa- Wellington Team which won the NZPCA Mounted Games Teams National Title. This was capped by the team captain Jeremy Thurston being selected for a national team to …

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From the mayor

June 11, 2018 June2018, Regular Features Comments Off on From the mayor

The Marae DIY crew rolled into Martinborough on the 16th of May set to transform Hau Ariki Marae as they had done on other Marae’s around New Zealand 99 times before. They were expecting the usual help from the community, food would be provided throughout their stay, people would arrive to help plant, dig, paint, hammer, the kuia would be whisked away to be pampered and by Sunday afternoon they would head out of Martinborough happy and excited that they had finished 100 Marae makeovers. 

What they didn’t appreciate until they arrived was how amazing the whole community response to this event would be. The crew had not appreciated that Hau Ariki is a real community Marae, it was built by the community for the community, is on community land, everyone in the community is welcome and the community rallies around it when things need to be done.

The Hau Ariki Marae Committee deserve huge recognition for taking this project on, pulling in the Martinborough community to help and getting through four days of hard, often back breaking work to transform the Marae into a stunning community facility. It was also wonderful to see the recognition of the three kuia, Missy Harper, Kurawari Panere and Esther Read. 

I want to thank the hundreds of people who helped in so many ways to ensure that the makeover was completed ahead of time and despite the awful change in the weather. Food kept arriving; people wandered in grabbed a spade, paint brush or a hammer and gave a few hours and more to help not only the Hau Ariki Marae but the Martinborough community as a whole. The transformation looks stunning. … Continue Reading

Harvest time at Community Garden

June 11, 2018 June2018 Comments Off on Harvest time at Community Garden

You could be forgiven for thinking that not a lot is happening in the Community Garden at the moment.  However, some of our planter boxes are simply having a well-earned rest after a summer of abundance, and the winter plantings are setting in for their rather lengthier growing times. Compost, lime and other soil rejuvenators are at work, including some rather delicious pomace (grape pulp) thanks to Alexander Vineyard. 

We are till harvesting plenty of silver beet, kale and spinach, and the brussel sprouts continue to produce. We delivered a good harvest of pumpkins and butternuts to the Larder, and plan to plant a greater variety next growing season; with the addition of kumara…a hard patch is being developed to ensure we have a good planting base.

Work has begun to attempt to produce “Soup Bags” as the winter sets in. A few pesky beasts have thwarted initial efforts, but rapid re-sowings are looking more positive. Keep an eye on their arrival at the Larder.

Many thanks to the couple who donated the wire mesh planter covers; they have been put to good use protecting the carrot, parsnip and beetroot seedlings. The smaller covers have been successfully put to use as protection for the next generation of beans, potted up by keen young gardeners who are excited to see the fruits of their work…you can never start too young!

Huge thanks also to Chris Cassels and her partner Graeme who have donated and erected two large netted “rooms”. These will provide perfect protection for blueberries and raspberries, and for next summer’s tomatoes…there is talk of gooseberries and other goodies that require protection. If you have any favourites, why not come along and share your ideas. … Continue Reading

How does Silence Boost your Brain?

June 11, 2018 June2018 Comments Off on How does Silence Boost your Brain?

Releases tension.

Loud noise activates the brain to release stress hormones. Silence causes the brain to release hormones that reduce stress.

Just two minutes of silence a day releases built up tension and stress.

It’s even more effective than listening to “relaxing” music. 

Reduces insomnia

Just 20 minutes a day practising silence, helps us sleep more soundly.

Develops new brain cells

Two hours of silence daily created new brain cells in adult mice.

Scientists found that silence assists the human brain to regulate emotions, memory and learning. They hope their research into replacing lost brain cells can be developed into a method of using silence to treat people with dementia, depression and Alzheimer’s. 

Subconscious processing of information

When there is silence, the brain processes information very differently. Information is evaluated and internalised in a similar way to when we sleep on things.

Enthusiasm high in  Junior Rugby 

June 11, 2018 June2018 Comments Off on Enthusiasm high in  Junior Rugby 

This year we have 70 kids all geared up to represent Martinborough Rugby Club. With 25 Kids alone registered for our U6 Rippa teams ready to be All Blacks already! Coached by two of our Senior A players, Tipi Haira and James Pakoti who the kids idolize. 

Our U13’s have combined with Greytown, Tuhirangi and Featherston creating a ‘South’ team outstanding contribution so far from Josh Smith, Charlie Taylor, Kawhia Vizor, Atua Winiata and with Phaelyn Hawkins

 support from the side line eager to get back from injury. 

It’s been a new learning experience for the boys having to become one team with kids they usually play against and also not wear the Martinborough strip. There a great bunch of boys though who are gelling

 together well, our fantastic management team of Eli Telford/Dan Hawkins coaching and Kaitlin Russell/Kylie Alexander managing is contributing towards keeping the boys sharp for trainings and games!  … Continue Reading


Pony Club enjoys a successful season.

The South Wairarapa Pony Club has completed a very successful season in which they provided four of the five riders in the Wairarapa- Wellington Team which won the NZPCA Mounted Games Teams National Title. This was capped by the team captain Jeremy Thurston being selected for a national team to …


It has been a while since I last wrote about the club and we have had a few changes – mainly with a newly formed committee to oversee both the Junior and Senior teams and ensure that moving forward we continue to grow as a Community based club. We have …


The 2019 is well underway for our Senior teams, we are enjoying some good rugby and look forward to the rest of the season.  With our Premiers and Reserves often playing at different places we often have at least one of them playing at home. Congratulations to Nikora Ewe,Tristan Flutey, Tipi Haira, James Pakoti and Christopher …

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The Marae DIY crew rolled into Martinborough on the 16th of May set to transform …

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