Top Brass Delight Wairarapa Schools

A requirement of the funding Martinborough Music Festival received from the SWDC Creative Community Fund was to implement an education programme for the students of the District. This year, Martinborough School, Kuranui College and Wairarapa College were treated to the musical skills of Matthew Allison (trombone), Mark Carter (trumpet) and …

Cycling without age is here in Martinborough – no excuses now!

Through the kind donations of Tom Bunny and Graeme Thomson and the support of local company Green Jersey Explorer Tours Ltd, Martinborough now has a purpose designed electric assist trishaw to support its “Cycling Without Age” endeavours. Together with John Blundell and Simon Daly they currently constitute the Wharekaka Cycling …

It’s the 125th Birthday of this Charming Heritage Cottage

Open Days at the Museum The museum will be open for extended hours over Labour Weekend so come in and check us out. See how people lived a 100 years ago Visit the special exhibition on the history of the Natusch-designed building Become part of history yourself – put an …

Under The Martinborough Stars

Take a look up tonight and you’ll see a sparkling silver band of stars dominating the night sky. Our home, the Milky Way Galaxy is always worth looking at. The Milky Way has always fascinated throughout time and amongst all cultures. The term Milky Way relates to a story from …

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Dayle Harwood

September 23, 2019 September 2019 No Comments

During my term as Mayor I will be working with all of South Wairarapa on what I have termed the 4 x S’s, they are sustainable spending and solutions not sorry’s.

Sustainable spending:

There is much talk about climate change and the effects, change is apparent, the level of change is still subjective.  Another more immediate challenge is the level of spending within local government, for South Wairarapa this is for waste water schemes, replacement programs for underground infrastructure and the potential for spending due to climate change.

With a new CEO, a new team of Councillors, a spatial plan being consulted on, a review of the financial strategy along with public consultation is needed around the levels of Capital expenditure, should works be accelerated and maximise the advantages of historically low borrowing rates?, could there be a deferral of funding of depreciation with the intention of future generations funding that portion which could offset any additional funding now?.

Separately to the financial strategy and equally is important is a substantial amount of work on the Drinking Water, Waste Water and Storm waters (3 Waters) strategies and policies, this has been escalated by Council becoming a shareholder in Wellington Water, rationalisation of strategies to better reflect expectation of monitoring and reporting, ownership and continuing investigation into new technologies and methodologies to ensure the success of the new partnership. 
… Continue Reading

Pip Maynard

September 23, 2019 September 2019 No Comments

Kia ora tatau. My name is Pip Maynard I am running as a Councillor for the Martinborough Ward because I am passionate about Martinborough, and the South Wairarapa District in its entirety.

I bring a fresh, younger perspective to the Council table, while also having a strong knowledge of our District’s history, passed down through the 5 generations of my family living here in Martinborough.

I believe prudent spending and working with our communities to achieve common goals must start by making sure Council is user friendly and accessible for our District.

After completing my first term as a Councillor for the Martinborough Ward, I can now navigate my way through the political and legislative duties attached to this role.

I sincerely believe their is more to achieve for our community.  I will not shy away from hard conversations. If elected, I will continue to represent the Martinborough Ward, bringing loyalty, positivity and vision.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions on email or by phone 021683638.

Pam Colenso

September 23, 2019 September 2019 No Comments

I have been part of the Martinborough community for over 40 years and have been an active member in our community. I am secretary of the Martinborough RSA, past Chair of the Martinborough Community Patrol, Treasurer for First Church, Treasurer for the Martinborough & Districts Ambulance Trust and a member of the Lake Ferry Ratepayers Assn.

I am a current Councillor just having completed my first three-year term, prior to this I was elected to the Martinborough Community Board and completed 15 years.  The experience gained in both roles stand me in good stead to be your representative on Council.  I am committed to ensuring that there is good governance and transparency in all decision making.  If re-elected to Council I would be an advocate for both rural, coastal and urban residents, taking your views to Council and providing a strong voice in any discussions or decision making.

It is of upmost importance that the residents of Martinborough have a safe and secure drinking water supply and I have advocated strongly for this.

I am motivated and have the time and energy to work for the people of Martinborough Ward and the South Wairarapa to ensure that we continue to have a thriving community.  In addition to being an excellent tourism destination this district is the food basket of Wellington with its extensive meat and dairy farms, horticulture industry and world class vineyards, that is why this region needs vastly improved freight and passenger networks which form part of my vision for the Wairarapa. … Continue Reading

Brian Jephson (Jeppy)

September 23, 2019 September 2019 No Comments

I am seeking another term on the South Wairarapa District Council standing for the Martinborough Ward.

I have been privileged to work in the South Wairarapa as a Councillor these past nine years including three as Deputy Mayor.  I am a member of several committees including Wellington Regional Climate Change and Sea Level Rise Working Group.  I know that one of the most pressing challenges we face as a community is the need to care for the environment and the impacts of climate change.   

As a council we have made huge progress in meeting our obligations to remove treated waste water from our lakes and streams.  I want to continue this important work.

  I have a strong meeting attendance record which proves my commitment to my role as your councillor. I have and will always welcome listening to other people’s views. Being an effective councillor involves debating the merits of those views at the council table. 

I’m proud to have been at the forefront of new initiatives that are set out in our Long Term Plan and Annual Plan. These initiatives are a bold start to take the Martinborough and South Wairarapa District into the future. 

I am excited about such initiatives as the Spatial Plan that will help map the district’s future. Martinborough’s plan for The Dark Sky Reserve has the potential to have the same positive impact as the wine industry has on the district. 

As a farmer I have full awareness of the rural sector issues as well as an overview of the issues facing the urban sector. I am a team player and committed to working together with both our rural and urban communities to build a strong resilient district. 


Martinborough Junior Hockey – 2019 Results and Prizegiving

Our 1st XI team came so close to victory in their final of the A-grade competition against rivals, MIS Falcons.  Martinborough scored an early goal in the first half of the game and held their defence until MIS scored a late goal in the final 3 minutes to draw 1-1 …

Kahutara School Hockey Wrap-up

Kahutara School managed to enter a total of three teams in various Wairarapa Hockey Association junior grades played at Clareville Hockey Stadium this season, a mean feat for a school of our size.  The Kahutara Blue team played Tuesday nights in the 6 Aside quarter field grade. The team did …

Junior Rugby

Our 2019 JAB season has come to an end, we have had an another amazing season with some awesome results. 2019 saw MRFC have around 75 registered players each year our numbers continue to grow and we have some huge things in the pipeline for 2020. Congratulations to all players …

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Under The Martinborough Stars

Take a look up tonight and you’ll see a sparkling silver band of stars dominating …

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