Star’s Founder found.

Following Mate Higginson’s article on long time Star Editor Fred Michell we have been contacted by the grandson of the founder, Neil Closey. The founder was James Henry Claridge. This remarkable person had spent his working life establishing newspapers, thirteen in all, which once established he sold  and moved on …

20 Year Service Medal for Maureen Thurlow

Maureen Thurlow was presented with the Red Cross Twenty Years Service Medal by Branch President Brian Love at the branch’s volunteer Christmas morning tea. Geoff Cave of Carterton received an Award for ten  years service.   Brian thanked members for volunteering for Red Cross and welcomed a very special guest speaker …

Wairarapa Dark Sky part of major world-wide research project 

The South Wairarapa’s night sky is being monitored round the clock in Spain and contributing to a world-wide dark sky database,  thanks to a European research team. The move follows Chairman of the Martinborough Dark Sky Society, Lee Mauger, making a  connection via Twitter with fellow Dark Sky enthusiast Carlos …

Community Garden News 

“ Gardens are not made by singing” oh, how beautiful’ and sitting in the shade”-  Rudyard Kipling Well here we are HOT; still going, and a little over 12 months  since our first produce was harvested. Like everyone , at the moment the garden is suffering from intense heat, and …

Recent Articles:

Reduce unnecessary waste this Christmas

December 19, 2018 December 2019 Comments Off on Reduce unnecessary waste this Christmas

Christmas can be a time of excess – especially waste, so why not instead make it an excess of all the good things – love, joy, good food and sharing special times together. With a bit of pre-thought and a small amount of effort you can easily reduce your waste this Christmas. Here are some ideas and tips to help get the ideas flowing:

  • Reusable wrapping – wrap your presents in reusable items such as t-shirts, tea-towels, a Boomerang Bought-to-Support bag… even sheets! These can be great presents in themselves;
  • Recycled wrapping – if t-shirts or tea-towels aren’t your thing, try reusing some old magazines or comics as your wrapping paper – stylish and unique! As an added bonus – tie presents up with string or ribbon avoiding sticky tape so everything can be recycled or used again;
  • Buy pre-loved or re-purpose second-hand items – people will love the thought and effort that goes into these gifts;
  • Make it yourself – homemade gifts are super special – with the internet world at your fingertips, the opportunities (and how-to’s) are endless…. chutneys, jams, gingerbread, shortbread, cordial, body scrubs, infused olive oil, cleaning products etc;
  • Give someone the gift that’s living or keeps on giving – give plants, memberships or courses, such as sewing, upholstery, cooking or gardening give people the chance to develop a skill as well as indulging in a hobby or passion;
  • Make memories – opt for giving an experience gift like gig tickets, a fancy meal out, wine tasting, or spa day rather than material things for an unforgettable gift;
  • Make your own vouchers and give your time or and experiences as gifts e.g. gardening, a picnic etc;
  • Help others be plastic free by giving cloth shopping bags (a Boomerang Bought-to-Support Bag even?), beeswax lunch wraps and stainless steel drink bottles and straws;

… Continue Reading

Regional Council notes

December 19, 2018 December 2019 Comments Off on Regional Council notes

Floods and droughts are nothing new to the Wairarapa and nor are articles on climate change and its predictions.  What has changed though is the reliability of our weather forecasts and our use of them in organising our lives.

In the old days weather forecasts were really a best guess, people prayed for favourable weather and they dealt with what they were delivered.  We had predictions based on when the Pohutakawas and cabbage trees flowered, if the chooks went off the lay or old granny’s arthritis starting playing up.  Senior men in the family tapped the barometer and made solemn announcements about taking your raincoat to school.  

Today, we still have to deal with what is delivered by nature but our forecasting is so much more accurate.  This has been made possible with the use of extremely powerful computers for modelling and satellites supplying real-time information as weather systems track across the globe.

We are now able to access any number of long term weather forecasts which enables us to plan events, be safe in our recreation and off course carry out businesses like horticulture and farming that are reliant on the weather, with greater accuracy. … Continue Reading

Small Village – Big Impact!

December 19, 2018 December 2019 Comments Off on Small Village – Big Impact!

Lets celebrate the changes that were made in our village in 2018 with banning plastic bags! It is heartening to see so many Martinborough Bags out and about. Both Pain & Kershaw and the Jellicoe Street dairy have done a splendid job in transitioning from plastic, and customers don’t seems to bat an eye, in fact the change has been well and truly embraced by locals.Ok, so what is next? How can we continue on this journey of reducing our waste and our environmental impact. One local business has reduced its takeaway coffee use by 50% by offering customers the reusable alternative – wow! This is especially awesome considering that takeaway coffee cups, even though they may say they are compostable, are in fact not as easy to compost as you would think.  … Continue Reading

Waihinga Centre

December 19, 2018 December 2019 Comments Off on Waihinga Centre

Join us on the 10th December

South Wairarapa District Council and the Waihinga Charitable Trust invite you to join us on 

Monday 10 December at 11am for the official blessing and opening of the Waihinga Centre, followed by refreshments and tours.


Thank you

Once again Martinborough has shown what a small community can achieve if we put our minds to it, there are hundreds of businesses and individuals to thank.

The Waihinga Charitable Trust, Fundraising Team, Construction Team and Communications team.
South Wairarapa District Council, Mayors, Councillors, Staff and Martinborough Community Board past and present.
The Design Team – Warren and Mahoney, Holmes Consulting and Wraights and Associates.
David Borman – Project Manager.
Riggs Zschokke  – Main Contractor.
All of the building Sub Contractors and suppliers including many who donated materials and services or who held their prices in the face of rising costs.
SGL Group Ltd.
Our Tenants who will be operating out of the Centre including Destination Wairarapa, Plunket, “Knucklebone” by Neighbourhood Coffee, the Library and the Toy Library.

All of our financial donors – over 120 individuals, businesses and service clubs’ in particular our Gold Donors; NZ Lotteries, Eastern and Central Trust, NZ Plunket, Pain Estate, Trust House and Richard Riddiford.
All those who have organised events, donated time and materials or gifted items for the fit out of the centre.

Thank you all.