No tumbleweeds on Ineke’s watch

It’s stating the obvious to say that Martinborough is a very different town now from the one Ineke Pyl first visited in 1972.   What may not be so obvious is how many of the positive changes that have created today’s thriving village owe a debt to Ineke’s vision, energy …

A Truckload of Books

Every year thousands and thousands of donated books pile up in the hall of First Church awaiting the annual Mid-Winter Monster Book Fair. It’s just the start of the long process of getting them ready for sale.  They have to be sorted into the many different categories then packed up …

New man in the CEO chair

Harry Wilson, the new CEO of SWDC is connected to the area already by a curious coincidence.  Earlier in his career, when he worked at the Department of Social Welfare, his boss there was Griff Page.   Some years later Griff himself became Chief Executive of SWCD (retiring in 2009).  …

Under The Martinborough Stars

Matariki, the Maramataka and the Winter Solstice Set your alarm clock. Put a pot of coffee on. Wrap up warm. Morning stargazing in Winter rewards you with viewing the beautiful Matariki cluster. Recently, New Zealand has begun to reinstate the Māori seasonal calendar over the last decade or so, and …

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Actually it’s wrong 

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The idea that you do not use all of your brain is a widespread myth. Brain scan studies show all areas are active. Don’t be taken in by claims that products will activate ‘the rest of your brain’ – they won’t do anything.

It is also a myth that the brain is grey  The brain is often pictured as a dull grey mass but while it is true that it does have grey matter, it also has white matter, the blood vessels are red and the area in the middle is black. So when you see a preserved brain in a museum, it is because of the formaldehyde used to preserve the organ.

Listening to classical music improves the IQ of babies is Myth. Recent studies show that the popular fad of listening to Mozart to enhance IQ has no scientific basis. Although a pleasurable experience, the music has no real effect on intelligence.

While it may seem that the brains of babies soak up the most information, research shows that your brain can grow and change at any age. The London taxi driver study demonstrated growth in the hippocampus and the end of their extensive course of memorising the busy streets and routes.

A Truckload of Books

July 23, 2019 July2019 No Comments

Every year thousands and thousands of donated books pile up in the hall of First Church awaiting the annual Mid-Winter Monster Book Fair. It’s just the start of the long process of getting them ready for sale.  They have to be sorted into the many different categories then packed up ready for moving to the venue.  This year it was a return to the refurbished Town Hall.  The books were trucked there courtesy of Martinborough Transport, then unpacked and put on display.

“We are always amazed at the quality of the books people give us”, says Margaret Griffiths, one of the team of helpers. “We try to identify any that are particularly special and make sure they are priced appropriately.   For instance we were given a magnificent Raymond Ching book this year.  We have a flat rate of $2 for all our other books.” … Continue Reading

Difficult Haurangi rescue

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Joe and Sue enjoy a day at home on their farm following Joe’s recovery. Photo courtesy Pete Monk.

Joe Bannister and his friend Dave were in the Haurangi Forest Park. After a long day out in the bush, Joe was heading down a steep hill when the ground gave way and sent him sliding down a cliff face.

He fell six metres, badly injuring his leg in the process.

“On the way down my boot got caught in some bedrock sticking out from the side. It cranked my foot at right angles, ripped all the ligaments off my ankle and broke one of the bones below the knee.”

In addition to a broken leg, it was also getting dark and cold. Joe would not be able to walk out on his own in his condition and hypothermia was a very real threat.

Fortunately, Joe was carrying a personal locator beacon with him. His emergency signal was sent.

The Life Flight team soon received the call. Within minutes our team had made a flight plan, loaded rescue and medical equipment, launched our Westpac Chopper, and flew to Haurangi Forest Park.

Arriving at the scene, our team immediately knew it wasn’t going to be an easy rescue. It was pitch black and very windy, and Joe was stuck in a steep valley. As Crewman Mike Beausoleil recalls:

“Darkness was one of the big challenges. We do operate in the dark but there are varying degrees; it ended up being a particularly dark night.” … Continue Reading

Waihinga Centre

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Glow in the Park was a hit with all ages.

Fundraising Success

Fundraising efforts are go and so far it has been lots of fun! The Square of Gold kept on rolling until a total of 50 ½ metres had been snapped up, bringing us to a total of $2020. Quite mind blowing given this was only meant as a bit of gold coin fun for Easter Sunday! It goes to show that people are really keen to support and love the idea of a set amount that is both achievable and makes a big difference as a collective.

We also had a fabulous evening for the Glow in the Park event. The word of the night was “WOW!” as children and adults enjoyed the beauty of the moon through a telescope and the planet hunt gave fun facts on a unique journey. A Huge thanks to Becky from Under the Stars and Alex and Crew from Hiamo for their time and expertise, it really was out of this world! Also a HUGE thanks for all the support from local businesses and volunteers making it all possible. We raised $534 which meant we all had a glow. 

What next?  Well there are no end of ideas in the mix, a disco and dessert night, comedy show, degustation dinner, bingo the list is endless so watch this space but we will also be thinking of quirky ways for people to pledge too, follow the Friends of the Waihinga Facebook page  to keep in the loop!

If you’re keen to join in the fun making things happen contact me, Charlotte on 021 949 049 or email Watch this space for what’s happening and how we are progressing and don’t forget the Give a Little page where you can donate directly:”.

Supporter Profile – Jaspers Family

Charlotte (7) and Earl Jaspers (5) are playground connoisseurs.  “Whenever we travel we visit the local playgrounds” says their mother Celia. “They just love them and can’t wait for the new one in Martinborough.   Earl loves water play so he’s excited this is part of the new design.   They both miss the flying fox and look forward to seeing it back in action.”

Knowing the value of a playground to their own children, Celia and husband Ali wanted to contribute to an amenity that would benefit the whole community.  “We’re here for the long haul and we hope the same will be true of the Waihinga Centre park and playground.  It’s a legacy for the town and maybe one day our children’s children will be able to play there too.”

It will be a double delight for Charlotte and Earl.  They already love the new children’s library area.   Soon they will be able to run straight out the door into an exciting new playground.