Fire Brigade service recognised

This month has seen us honouring the service given by our members as volunteers helping our community. and the promotion of our Station Officer Jake Hawkins to Deputy Chief Fire Officer of the Brigade. A very special Honours Awards Evening was held in early November, firstly to acknowledge the service …

Budding Clarinet Player at Martinborough School

The smile on Dion Liumaihetau’s face is nearly as wide as the clarinet he is learning to play is long.  Dion is benefitting from the generosity of clarinet player and internationally recognised music teacher, Mark Walton. Mark was one of the musicians playing during the Martinborough Music Festival. While he …

Opening of new Martinborough Cricket Pitch celebrated in style

The new grass cricket pitch located within Considine Park was officially opened on the 17th of November by Martinborough Community Board Chairperson Lisa Cornelissen, by the cutting of a ribbon strung between wickets at each end.  The pitch block has been properly prepared with the removal of topsoil and laid …

Kuranui Girl’s Football’s great season

The Kuranui Girl’s First Eleven football team has enjoyed a very successful season winning their competition for the second year in a row and also completing the season undefeated. The team was also named as the Kuranui Team of the Year at the College’s Awards Evening .  A highlight was …

Recent Articles:

Book review 

November 21, 2018 November 2018 Comments Off on Book review 

Forever and a day

On going through Ian Flemings’s papers after his death a partly written manuscript for another James Bond story was found. Fleming’s estate  approached Anthony Horowtz with the suggestion that he complete the James Bond novel using the  story as outlined and incorporating the already written work. ‘Forever and a Day’ is the resulting novel.

The story is set pre  Casino Royale, Fleming’s first James Bond Novel, filling in Bond’s previously unexplained background. It has not been revealed how much of the completed novel is Fleming’s and there are no clues. Anthony Horowitz has seamlessly mingled his own writing with Fleming’s material to produce a typical James Bond adventure.  

Fast paced with one unlikely adventure after another, it makes for a very exciting read, even if it does require turning off the reality check. With  the many action sequences it would seem that the author and Fleming Estate had one eye on the film industry. 

Whether Horowitz has even out done Fleming when it comes to escaping impossible situations is difficult for me to say as I have only read the earlier novels, Dr No and To Russia with love. These were more grounded in reality than it appears his later Bond novels. 

I have to say that when it comes to spy stories I prefer Le Carre to Fleming but that’s purely a personal preference. I am sure that for the millions of Fleming fans Forever and a Day will be a welcome, unexpected, addition to Fleming’s Bond series. 

Mike Beckett

Community Board

November 21, 2018 November 2018 Comments Off on Community Board

As I’m writing this it is less than 9 weeks until Christmas, how did that happen? We are very pleased to be able to support this year’s Christmas festivities with funding approved for MADCAPs who are organising the Christmas Parade and as sponsorship for Christmas Magic in Martinborough organised by Fiona Couchman. 

The parade will kick off from Dublin Street at 5.30pm on Saturday 8th December, followed by a raft of entertainment in the Square including kids’ entertainment, business house carol competition and the MADCAPs Christmas singalong. Thank you to Fiona and MADCAPs for organising this fantastic community event.

Unfortunately we weren’t able to find a community group in time to run our traditional bonfire night and fireworks this year. A real shame, but we do now have volunteers to organise next year’s event.  

We’ve had a range of feedback about parking in Martinborough recently, we would like to hear your views, please keep an eye out for our parking survey on our facebook page:

The upgrade of the Cenotaph continues with damage to the newly concreted plinth being assessed for repair. Council have allocated budget, in their 2019/20 financial year, to provide circular seating in the centre of the Square in line with the Square Development Plan. This will be a lovely place for quiet reflection once complete. The wider Square is known as Soldiers Memorial Park and will be recognised as a Place of Remembrance by the New Zealand Poppy Places Trust. Thank you to Maree Roy for her hard work on this project.

Finally, the Community Board were lucky to have a sneak preview of the nearly completed Waihinga Centre this week. We were impressed with the new Centre and really pleased to see how well the Hall and Supper Room are looking. This has been a mammoth project and it is a credit to all involved. Whether you are an avid supporter of the project, ambivalent or dead against we’re looking forward to seeing all members of our community making the most of this space. 

Lisa Cornelissen

Any suggestions or comments please feel free to e-mail

Community Garden News 

November 21, 2018 November 2018 Comments Off on Community Garden News 

 Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!’ —Robin Williams

Spring is indeed a wonderful time in the garden, and the Community Garden is no exception.

Summer hours: Wednesday and Sunday 10am-12noon

Our spring planting is well underway, and we seem to have chased away the winter blights and vermin. We have planted a large, staggered potato patch, so hope to provide a long season of potatoes. Strawberries are in flower and full of promise. We are harvesting cabbage and silver beet and some very colourful chard, and have delivered a good crop of parsnips to the Larder.

Lettuce, beetroot, spinach, zucchini, cavelo nero, beans and various brassicas have been planted. They have mostly survived the “great frost’: just a few sad beans which will be replaced as we now have a seed bank, to cover these events. Our berries are all looking healthy, under cover of nets: next week they will be joined by tomato plants. 

Medici Café has donated all their coffee grinds for our compost, which is great. Thanks Medici. We have rather more than we can currently use so we suggest that if you would like to help yourself to some of our ‘stock’, feel free to bring along a container and take some from the black bin at the far end of the garden…there is a container there for a koha, which would be appreciated: this will be used to purchase ongoing plant stock.  

What are coffee grinds good for? They provide a good fertiliser for acid loving plants: enrich your compost: deter cats and dogs from roaming garden beds ; repel pests – sprinkle used coffee grounds around your plants to protect them against destructive pests like ants, snails, and slugs.

  As we are now into the growing season we are desperate for additional assistance in the garden. From the first week in November we will be increasing our gardening session to include a Sunday session, from 10am -12noon.We welcome new gardeners at all ages and stages of expertise, please join us on either( or both) Wednesday and Sunday. We would particularly welcome a ‘potato monitor’ and a ‘berry monitor’; anyone who has a spare 20/30 minutes a week to be rostered onto watering duties and of course anyone who just wishes to share in the joy of gardening.

We have been listed as a “small garden of interest” in this year’s Puhaka Mount Bruce Garden festival, which is a great affirmation, so any assistance to make the garden look stunning would be much appreciated.  

We would also appreciate any spare mulch that people may have access to, obviously pea straw is out of the question, but once the heat really hits it is essential to keep the soil cool and hopefully moist. Organic mulch will also help improve the soil’s fertility, as they decompose, thus keeping our vegies productive.

Cooking corner

November 21, 2018 November 2018 Comments Off on Cooking corner

Roast asparagus and Salmon

An easy meal in around thirty minutes. 


400gr asparagus

 4 salmon steaks (aprox 150gr each)

400gr cherry tomatoes 

1tsp horseradish

2 garlic cloves crushed

 2 tbsp olive oil

 Zest of one lemon (finely grated)

1 lemon sliced

 Salt & pepper


Preheat oven to 200 C 

Lay salmon steaks in the centre of large baking dish with the asparagus, lemon slices and tomatoes.

Mix the horseradish, garlic olive oil and lemon zest in a small bowl 

Brush the salmon and vegetables  with this mix and season. Bake fro 15 – 20 minutes  or until the fish is cooked through  and asparagus tender.

Herb Mayo 

4 tbsp mayonnaise 

1 tbsp milk

 1 tbsp dill

1 tbsp chopped parsley

2 spring onions chopped. 

Blitz in food processor until smooth. 

To serve;

 Divide onto four  plates and add a dob of mayo

Serve with mixed greens salad. 

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