Wairarapa Business Award for Under the Stars

For “Under the Stars” astro-tourism guide Becky Bateman it was a shock to win the Wairarapa “Emerging Business” award in mid-October for her fledgling star-gazing venture. Running the only “nomadic” star-gazing/guiding business in Wairarapa is literally that: running from location to location to help people understand and interpret the wondrous …

New Council sworn in 

It’s official, we have a new Mayor, Alex Beijen. The Mayor, Councillors and Community Board Members were sworn in at a ceremony on 30 October at the Waihinga Centre. There is no change to the Councillors elected from the Martinborough Ward – Pip Maynard, Pam Colenso and Brian Jephson (Jeppy) held …

Meet your Mayor

Alex grew up in Christchurch, the youngest of five children. His father, a pilot, died in a helicopter crash when Alex was only two. Bringing up the family of five was difficult for his Mum, “ I know the ups and downs of a childhood under these circumstances” he comments. …

Sun Shines on Jazz Festival

The sun shone brightly to compliment the brilliant atmosphere around Martinborough during the 9th edition of New Zealand’s coolest little jazz festival, Jazz in Martinborough last weekend. “It just shows that a warm, sunny weekend adds mightily to the enjoyment of festival goers,” says festival producer Ted Preston. “Somehow the …

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Hear of the dog

November 11, 2019 November 2019 No Comments

Dogs can discern their names in a crowd better  than a young child , according to researchers in the  University of Maryland. Canines can also hear their name when spoken by  an unfamiliar person. 

Service and working dogs  responded better to the caller’s voice in the study, probably due to the fact that they were not given nick names  as well.

Hide and Seek

November 11, 2019 November 2019 No Comments

At Skylar’s party just last week 

We played  game of hide and seek;

A hid so well, without a sound,

That in five days I’ve not been found.

(Skylar’s sister  had been chiding

Johnpa for his hopeless hiding,

So I’m trying hard to please her

But it’s cold here in the freezer.)

Inner Wheel Club of South Wairarapa

November 11, 2019 November 2019 No Comments

We were pleased to be part of the Featherston Expo where we waved our banner beyond Greytown. We found two possible new members from being there, and of course, raised our profile a little bit more. Our October meeting was fellowship focussed with some members relaying stories about special times or things in their lives, in other words, a “show’n’tell” evening. 

We saw a potpourri of items including jewellery, two Persian watercolours, a pincushion, a carved emu egg, a hand embroidered tablecloth, a black flappers dress, and a prize winning floral art accessory. The stories were poignant, funny, and in each case personal. We are lucky and privileged to belong to a group where such sharing is possible and in a warm and comfortable environment. … Continue Reading

Is democracy dying?

November 11, 2019 November 2019 No Comments

In his most recent book How Democracy Ends Cambridge politics professor David Runcimargues that democracy is alive, if not altogether well.

Trump, Brexit and the creeping pall of fascism that’s descended on large swathes of Europe and America are not symptoms of democracy’s death, but a crisis — a midlife crisis, according to Runciman.

The established democracies are old, tired and groaning with the existential angst of middle age. This doesn’t mean the crisis faced by democracies isn’t serious, it is, but it’s probably not the end.

“When a miserable middle-aged man buys a motorbike on impulse, it can be dangerous. If he’s really unlucky it all ends in a fireball,” Runciman writes. “American democracy is in middle age. Donald Trump is its motorcycle”.

Trump, he tells me, is not the symbol of democracy’s end, but rather evidence of the electorate’s enduring faith in democratic institutions.

 “I do feel that part of the reason people voted for Trump was not because they believed him when he said America was broken but because they didn’t believe him.

“They actually believe that American democracy and politics was robust enough that they could voice their anger, their deep frustration, their desire for something radically new without having to face the consequences of the risk of the collapse of democracy”. … Continue Reading


Martinborough Junior Hockey – 2019 Results and Prizegiving

Our 1st XI team came so close to victory in their final of the A-grade competition against rivals, MIS Falcons.  Martinborough scored an early goal in the first half of the game and held their defence until MIS scored a late goal in the final 3 minutes to draw 1-1 …

Kahutara School Hockey Wrap-up

Kahutara School managed to enter a total of three teams in various Wairarapa Hockey Association junior grades played at Clareville Hockey Stadium this season, a mean feat for a school of our size.  The Kahutara Blue team played Tuesday nights in the 6 Aside quarter field grade. The team did …

Junior Rugby

Our 2019 JAB season has come to an end, we have had an another amazing season with some awesome results. 2019 saw MRFC have around 75 registered players each year our numbers continue to grow and we have some huge things in the pipeline for 2020. Congratulations to all players …

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Plenty of issues Our current mayor seems to think the council had a hand in …

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‘YOU WILL NEVER reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog …

Cooking corner – Potato rendang

INGREDIENTS 8 small potatoes, coarsely chopped 1/4 cup vegetable oil 1 onion, finely chopped 185 …

Know your town – Soldiers’ Memorial Park

Originally the Square was called Martin Square and the North – South and East – …

 Community Garden News

“In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.” Margaret …

News from Wharekaka

The AGM was held on 19 September.  Attendees heard that Wharekaka is in good heart …

Under The Martinborough Stars

Take a look up tonight and you’ll see a sparkling silver band of stars dominating …

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