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Wishing our readers all the blessings of the Christmas Season, with good company, nice food and sunshine. And looking forward to a happy and successful year ahead. Lindie, Chris, David and the two Mikes.

Martinborough Dark Sky Reserve

In less than two months Martinborough’s Dark Sky Reserve group has chalked up near speed-of-light progress toward registering as one of the world’s few places with special dark sky recognition. Already major steps have been promoted by Viv Napier and endorsed by South Wairarapa District Council to adapt the street …

It’s 1957 – the Nurse’s story

It’s 1957, the year the Russians scare the West by launching the Sputnik. It’s also the same year 18 year old Jo Leach (now McCauley) leaves Martinborough to begin training as a nurse at Palmerston North Hospital. Sixty years later Jo’s back in Martinborough along with others from that same …

“It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves”

– Sir Edmund Hillary. A year ago a close girlfriend said “I want to trek to Mt Everest Base Camp but I have no-one to do it with”. Me having never been a tramper, camper, trekker or even bushwalker said “I’ll do it with you”! So I bought my first …

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Double celebration for Callum – A wedding in the Fire Brigade Family!

December 19, 2017 December 2017 Comments Off on Double celebration for Callum – A wedding in the Fire Brigade Family!

The wedding party (left to right): Natalie Hodder, Page Beattie, Angie O’Keefe, Melisa Tannant (nee Hodder), Chelsea Fredrickson, Callum Tannant, Senior Firefighter Justin Hudepohl, and Brad Renwick (Lake Ferry Voluntary Rural Fire Force).

Its been an eventful month for firefighter Callum Tannant. Recently promoted to the rank of Qualified Firefighter, Callum married his bride Melisa at the Martinborough Fire Station on the 24th November.

Callum has a long association with the local volunteer brigade through his uncle, Life Honourary Member Richard Tannant. Callum joined the Brigade in November of 2012, exactly five years ago.

Callum has been a resident of Martinborough for 38 years and in his own words is “as local as they come!” He attended Martinborough School then completed his secondary education at Kuranui College.

He was first employed by Pallister Estate and worked there for 3 years “as a jack of all trades.” For the past 15 years he has been employed by Oldfields and now Higgins Contractors. His truck driving skills are an invaluable asset to the local brigade.

In his spare time Callum is an enthusiastic member of the Martinborough Amatuer Theatre (Madcaps).

Bill Butzbach
Chief Fire Officer


December 19, 2017 December 2017 Comments Off on THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN


After the resounding success of the Martinborough Boomerang Bags we have listened to the people of Martinborough and are bringing you THE MARTINBOROUGH BAG.

We have raised so far close to $25,000 from businesses, families, groups and individuals to buy re-usable grocery bags for the Martinborough community.
They will be organic, fairtrade certified cotton bags and hopefully will put an end to the single-use plastic bags in this village. The more money we raise, the more bags we can get. Currently we are looking at buying 10,000 bags for the Martinborough community.

Thanks to all of you people & businesses who have contributed so far!

But it is never too late to be a part of it so please feel free to pledge money for a plastic bag free village and put your donation into the following account:
BNZ Mtinborough CB&BB Bag 02-0600-0203696-000

If you happen to have any of our sought-after Boomerang Bags lurking in your cupboard, just give then a quick wash and pop them back in the box at P&K, Kitcheners or the local library please. Bought to Support bags are also available for purchase and make the ideal Christmas gift or even gift wrapping. Available from Kitcheners.

Let’s do this! Amanda, Josie, Carolyn and Baptist

Martinborough Netball Club

December 19, 2017 December 2017, Sports Comments Off on Martinborough Netball Club

Indeed while this year is almost over and this article slightly late, just to let you know what the season has been like for the Martinborough Netball Club.

The Netball Premier Team moved up a grade this netball season from previous years having played in the Premier 2 grade. We only had one team enter into the Netball Wairarapa Competition 2017 playing in the Premier Reserve Grade. New players, new team, new combinations and new uniforms.

It had been and up and down season for the Netball Team this year playing in the earlier rounds of the Premier Reserve Grade but some great skills on display on court, but always room for improvement in any sporting code. Mix of wins and games lost through the rounds, but the team soldiered on. At the business end of the competition the team made the finals again this year for the fourth time in a row (having won 3 in Premier 2 grade) although not the results we wanted this year, but a great way to finish the season making finals and hopefully we can go further next year. … Continue Reading

Book review – The Golden House

December 19, 2017 December 2017 Comments Off on Book review – The Golden House

I have found this Salman Rushdie book difficult to read but on the other hand hard to put down. The story line is straight forward enough and covers the time between the inauguration of Barrack Obama and that of Donald Trump. A clearly rich man and his three adult sons arrive from an unnamed overseas country to live in an expensive house in New York’s Manhattan.

The family do not speak about their former home country or how they had made their obvious fortune and had changed their surname to Golden. The air of mystery surrounding the family attracts the attention of a young neighbour, a would be screen writer who decides to use the family as a basis for a screen script.

He gradually gains the family’s friendship and becomes the son’s confidant; so the story unfolds. A story of intrigue, sibling quarrel, high life, art, money, film making, terror and lies. … Continue Reading


Golf news

November came and went pretty much without rain, finally the Course has dried out and that little dimpled ball is back running down the fairway, bringing a cheer to many who thought that the rain might never stop. The highlight of the month was the Women winning the Teams Stableford …

Martinborough Netball Club

Indeed while this year is almost over and this article slightly late, just to let you know what the season has been like for the Martinborough Netball Club. The Netball Premier Team moved up a grade this netball season from previous years having played in the Premier 2 grade. We …

Walking is a man’s best medicine. (Hippocrates)

SOUTH WAIRARAPA TRAMPING CLUB While crossing a busy intersection in Christchurch last week I spotted a banner sporting the message: WALK2freeTHE.MIND. This surely captures in a catch-phrase a credible philosophy. Throughout the decades numerous walking quotes have been recorded, many of which portray the physical and mental benefits of a …

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