No tumbleweeds on Ineke’s watch

It’s stating the obvious to say that Martinborough is a very different town now from the one Ineke Pyl first visited in 1972.   What may not be so obvious is how many of the positive changes that have created today’s thriving village owe a debt to Ineke’s vision, energy …

A Truckload of Books

Every year thousands and thousands of donated books pile up in the hall of First Church awaiting the annual Mid-Winter Monster Book Fair. It’s just the start of the long process of getting them ready for sale.  They have to be sorted into the many different categories then packed up …

New man in the CEO chair

Harry Wilson, the new CEO of SWDC is connected to the area already by a curious coincidence.  Earlier in his career, when he worked at the Department of Social Welfare, his boss there was Griff Page.   Some years later Griff himself became Chief Executive of SWCD (retiring in 2009).  …

Under The Martinborough Stars

Matariki, the Maramataka and the Winter Solstice Set your alarm clock. Put a pot of coffee on. Wrap up warm. Morning stargazing in Winter rewards you with viewing the beautiful Matariki cluster. Recently, New Zealand has begun to reinstate the Māori seasonal calendar over the last decade or so, and …

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Library book club

July 23, 2019 July2019 No Comments

A lively session with lots of discussion and the books presented were quite varied

‘Becoming’ by  Michelle Obama was found to be inspiring and a good read – the story of how a black woman from the wrong side of the tracks became the first lady in the US. And I have put it on my list of books to read

And any age can belong to this book club! ‘The Whale Book’ was young May’s choice, and she talked about owls but I must admit I ‘m not sure of the connection

The book ‘9 Pints’ filled in a lot of gaps in some of our member’s knowledge Like did you know blood is made in the bone marrow? Or about the man who invented sanitary pads? Or the connection between blood donors and mad cow disease? Most of our club have now read this book and recommend it wholeheartedly. … Continue Reading

Greytown Little Theatre coming to Martinborough

July 23, 2019 July2019 No Comments

I am pleased to announce that our end of year production will be the much loved ʼAllo’ Allo. So polish up those French or German accents and prepare for a hilarious romp in Café René!
 Greytown Little Theatre will be presenting a five performance season of the ever popular ʼAllo’ Allo at the Waihinga Centre – Martinborough Town Hall from Wednesday 27 November to Sunday 1 December 2019. … Continue Reading

Feeling low Up high 

July 23, 2019 July2019 No Comments

The high altitude lodges of Mt Everest have become potent breeding grounds for influenza during the last climbing season. Alarm bells started ringing  as forty climbers returned unwell to Kathmandu and almost half had H1N1,also known as swine flue. Prativa Pandey, medical director of Ciwec Hospital  in Kathmandu  says that the outbreak was unprecedented as it came outside the usual flu season . She believed the popularity of the treks has made the lodges congested, allowing the virus to easily spread. s

Book review

July 23, 2019 July2019 No Comments

Loving all of it

My eyesight is fine. I chose this book from the Library’s online catalogue without realising that it was large print. However  I am very pleased that I did, this book is far too interesting to be considered to be only for the poor sighted.

Loving all of it  is a series of essays by New Zealand senior citizens edited by Gordon MacLauchlan who also included one of his as well. There are twenty essays in all, some are quite short while others are longer and detailed. All are interesting. … Continue Reading