Behind the Scenes at the Martinborough Music Festival

Until he took on the role of Chair of the Martinborough Music Festival Ed Allen thought he had a good sense of what was involved in putting on such an event.  After all he’d performed professionally as a French Horn player all over the world.  “Not so”, he says now.  …

A lively, healthy community 

The Rapaki Walk summit is a beautiful place to celebrate achievement.  In late October, 11 walkers looked down over the village and Te Muna Road as they marked the first birthday of their Walking Group, part of the Martinborough Healthy Community Project. Every Friday morning for a year the group …

Christmas Parade continues with Christmas Magic in Martinborough

There is nothing quite so magical as Christmas, so two years ago Fiona Couchman launched the Christmas Magic in Martinborough Show to create awareness and gifts for children in need in our local community. While she took a break last year to do some gifting of her own donating her …

Community Garden News 

 Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!’ —Robin Williams Spring is indeed a wonderful time in the garden, and the Community Garden is no exception. Summer hours: Wednesday and Sunday 10am-12noon Our spring planting is well underway, and we seem to have chased away the winter blights and vermin. …

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Martinborough Junior Hockey – 2018 Results and Prizegiving

October 3, 2018 October 2018, Sports Comments Off on Martinborough Junior Hockey – 2018 Results and Prizegiving

We’ve had a really successful hockey season this year with two of our five teams winning their grade in the primary competition at Clareville, and one team placing runners-up.  Our Martinborough Green team won the C-grade of the ½ field competition and our Marty Rockets team won the B-grade of the 6-aside quarter field competition.  The 1st XI team made it to the final of the A-grade competition but were defeated 4-0 by top of the table winners, MIS Blue, in an exciting match.  Congratulations to all of the players, coaches and managers of these teams.   … Continue Reading

Martinborough Mens Shed 

October 3, 2018 October 2018 Comments Off on Martinborough Mens Shed 

Spring greetings from the Martinborough Mens Shed.

As many of you will know activity continues apace at the Martinborough Mens Shed with many projects underway and completed. Of note is a seat in honour of Ric Geisler, the Shed’s founding President. This was made by members and now takes pride of place in front of the Shed. We look forward to this being a meeting and conversational place.

Various conversations with people from the community have highlighted the strong interest in the ‘what and why’ of the Mens Shed. Some background: … Continue Reading

Martinborough’s Suffragette’s 

October 3, 2018 October 2018 Comments Off on Martinborough’s Suffragette’s 

Twenty five Martinborough women signed the petition for the right to vote presented to parliament in —-. There are some names of members of pioneering families whose families are still in living Martinborough. 

The Martinborough page of the petition lists:  E.A Bayliss, Ann Begust, Elizabeth Bowden, Sarah Coot, Elizabeth Dalton, MaryAnn Fox, M Gallie, P Greenaway, Jane Harrison, Mary Harrison, C Kerr, J J Lynburn, Annie Martin, Jessie McLeod, Agnes Meek,  Georgina Oliver, Catharine Parish, Isabella Pearson, Eliza Ross, Harriet Rouse, Margaret Soughton, Margaret Spealsman, Catherine Taylor,  Hester Wall, S E Williams. 

The 1891 census listed Martinborough as having one hundred and seventy women residents, the twenty five who signed were only a small portion of the town’s women . 

Museum reopens

October 3, 2018 October 2018 Comments Off on Museum reopens

The Martinborough Colonial Museum has now reopened after a makeover.   Thanks to a grant from Eastern and Central Trust the aging, damaged wallpaper in the main rooms has been replaced. The new paper was made by Ben Masters at Paperhands,.   At his studio in the old Martinborough library space Ben designs and screenprints unique handprinted wallpapers.  He was able to copy an early 1900s design to make the update as authentic as possible.

Chair of the Colonial Museum Trust, Derek Wilson, said he was very pleased that the wallpaper could be sourced from a Martinborough artist. “It means it has a real connection to the community and adds to the museum’s collection of local treasures.

We‘ve also been able to build new cabinetry to help display and preserve some of the more fragile exhibits.   It’s made from local windfall totora gifted by Jo and Phil Guscott.  

In 2019 we plan to create a series of changing displays to showcase more of the museum’s collection so watch this space to see what’s coming up next.  

If you are interested in becoming involved as a volunteer at the museum please get in touch.  There are a variety of different roles available.”

For more information contact Derek Wilson on 06 306 9722 or email

Museum opening hours: Saturday and Sunday 1.30-3.30pm.