Difficult Haurangi rescue

Joe Bannister and his friend Dave were in the Haurangi Forest Park. After a long day out in the bush, Joe was heading down a steep hill when the ground gave way and sent him sliding down a cliff face. He fell six metres, badly injuring his leg in the …

Waihinga Centre

Fundraising Success Fundraising efforts are go and so far it has been lots of fun! The Square of Gold kept on rolling until a total of 50 ½ metres had been snapped up, bringing us to a total of $2020. Quite mind blowing given this was only meant as a …

A Very Special Event

Most opera lovers’ commitment to the art form involves buying tickets to public performances.  Winifred Bull and her husband David decided to take their love of opera a whole lot further.  They designed a new home with enough space to stage concerts for more than 100 people.  They particularly wanted …

Under The Martinborough Stars

By Becky Bateman My house is north facing and I get people telling me all the time how good my tomatoes must be. On face value that seems a perfectly fine and normal comment but, thinking deeper, it shows how much the sky affects our lives. The more I thought …

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Regional Council notes

May 15, 2019 May 2019, Regular Features Comments Off on Regional Council notes

It’s that time of year again when Councils turn their minds to doing the budgets for the next financial year.  It’s called the Annual Plan and by far the majority of residents and ratepayers don’t take much notice of it unless there is something happening in their district that really irks them.

In previous times councils spent an awful lot of time presenting their plans at public meetings but as people’s time became more and more squeezed, attendance at these meetings became fewer until it reached a stage where there were usually more staff and councillors than attendees.  Now while this type of connection with the public suits some, it obviously isn’t going to interact with the majority and that is a challenge for local government up and down the country.

Now for the district councils the services they deliver affect most residents on a daily basis.  Roads, footpaths, signage, water supply, sewerage, street lights and amenities are all reasons for people to take an interest in the ongoing plans and budgets of their neighbourhoods.

For Regional Councils though the challenge of connecting to people is even greater.  Many of the services we deliver relate more to the future than the here and now which takes the most attention.  That is of course unless you catch the train. … Continue Reading

News from First Church

May 15, 2019 May 2019, Regular Features Comments Off on News from First Church

If we can affirm each other, be as friend and not as foe, 

We can meet and share each other; plant respect and let it grow

At First Church we have celebrated Easter as told in the Gospel of St John.

We began our Easter journey on Passion or Palm Sunday by joining with the four other local churches in a thoughtful service of hymns and readings, The Road to Easter in which each church shared in the readings and chose a hymn as we traced each day of Easter week leading to Good Friday. This service was beautifully accompanied with music from Elizabeth Patchett, Milly Young and Bob Bargh. 

  On Good Friday we focussed on The Final Hours in the Life of the Galilean Preacher Jesus of Nazareth with seven further readings taking us to burial of Jesus. On Easter Sunday we looked at the conclusion of this Gospel that signalled a new beginning for the disciples of Jesus, as following their shock and grief after the crucifixion of Jesus, they rallied to work together to share the Jesus way with others. … Continue Reading

Martinborough Community Board

May 15, 2019 May 2019, Regular Features Comments Off on Martinborough Community Board

Water, water everywhere but to drink it boil it first’…. The second water contamination incident in Martinborough this year has been a major cause of concern and frustration for residents, businesses and South Wairarapa District Council. This is a public health issue that has the potential to impact our most vulnerable residents the most, with the possibility of serious consequences.

I attended, and spoke at, Council’s emergency meeting on 24 April to discuss temporary chlorination of the Martinborough water supply.  The complexity of the issues and the difficulty in identifying the source of an intermittent contamination of the supply were clear. There will be some more disruption ahead as Council flushes the system to remove the build up of manganese in the pipes prior to temporary chlorination.

 In the short term it is clear that chlorination is the only option for lifting the boil water notice whilst a permanent solution is found. The independent report into the first boil water notice makes it very apparent that there is no quick fix for the problem, we should all expect chlorination of the supply for 6 months or more and it may be that permanent chlorination of the supply will be the only acceptable way forward for the safety of our water. 

In the meantime the boil water notice remains in place, please do not become complacent.  The Council website (swdc.govt.nz) is the place to find the most up to date information, whilst Council will be using a range of methods to share important information with all residents, please share updates with friends or neighbours who may not have access to the internet. We can all play a part in ensuring that no illnesses result from this event. 

Lisa Cornelissen

Lisa.Cornelissen@swdc.govt.nz, (028) 2553 4857 (calls only, no text messages).

Martinborough Golf Report

May 15, 2019 May 2019, Sports Comments Off on Martinborough Golf Report

As autumn rolls away into it’s last month and we embrace winter; the nights are getting longer and although this last week has been pretty mild, the colder weather is keenly waiting in the wings!!  Hopefully you’ve swept your chimney out and might have enjoyed some nights in front of the fire – remember the club are selling cords of firewood to raise money for the club, so get in there and order yours today.  The greens have been cored and are already bouncing back incredibly quickly – special thanks to the group of guys who volunteered to step in and helped the greens staff with the process.

Grumpies winners this month have included:- Phil Reid, Ray Matthews and Malcolm Bridge.  

9-holer winners have included:- Tingay Davidson (twice) and Adrienne Sisson.  They went to Masterton Lansdowne to play in their annual Southey Honda Trophy Tournament – unfortunately the main prize stayed in Masterton this year but a few of the prizes were taken out by our girls; nearest the pin – Tingay and longest drive Elizabeth Goodall.

Ladies winners have included:- Pamela Messervy, Susan Dinnison, Marion McKenzie and Georgie Wadey. Unfortunately, the ladies have been plagued by a number of pennants matches being abandoned due to bad weather – generally after they have turned up at the opponent’s courses – better luck going forward ladies!!

Thursday Club winners have been, Johnson Williams, Tony Taylor, Davis Lester Clarke, Keith Rayner & Shane Hartnell – they are holding a ‘Friendship Tournament’ on 16th May – come along! … Continue Reading