Martinborough Golf Club has tumbled down

The demolition of the Martinborough Golf Club is complete. In the last days prior to Christmas a fully-insulated pole shed, much like a top end farm outbuilding, was erected to act as both office and temporary clubhouse. New septic tanks, internet connectivity, power, water, and Porticom loos were installed. On …

Water woes disclosed in SWDC’s late 2023 report

Water loss in the supply systems of Martinborough, Greytown and Featherston reached 46 per cent last year, and the South Wairarapa District Council (SWDC) fell significantly short on response times when leaks were reported. Furthermore, SWDC cannot confirm that the towns’ water quality met New Zealand drinking water standards last …

Wairārapa Moana wetlands are going wild

By Martin Freeth, Trees of Martinborough Wildlife is flourishing in the wetlands of Wairārapa Moana after three years’ intensive restoration work – and there’s more to come in 2024 and beyond.  Tens of thousands of new plants are growing vigorously, and already there are good signs of increasing bird life. This …

Lions want to see Little Blue Penguins back on our coast!

Over the past few years Martinborough Lions have put many volunteer hours into supporting the Aorangi Restoration Trust’s efforts to enable the Korora /Little Blue Penguin to return in numbers to the Kawakawa/Palliser Bay coast.  Last week a team of Lions placed 50 penguin boxes into ideal habitats on the …

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Sicilian night wine & food

November 3, 2023 November 2023 Comments Off on Sicilian night wine & food

At the 13 October meeting of the Martinborough Wine & Food Society, 34 members and guests were treated to a tasting of Sicilian wines, accompanied appropriately by pizzas supplied by Colombo Winery pizzeria.

Our host, committee member John Penney, had visited Sicily a few years ago with his wife to attend a wedding and to do some touring. His scholarly presentation of 8 typical wines from the region (3 red, 3 white, and 2 dessert wines) was accompanied by a visual presentation of some of his favourite pictures of the villages and mountains of Sicily, and of hospitable Sicilian friends.

The Society’s next event, planned for 10 November, will take place at Luna Estate. A Christmas lunch is being planned at a local venue in mid-December.

The Society always welcomes new members. If you are interested in learning more about us, please contact President, Philippa Pointon, on 021434163, or Treasurer, Dave Stewart, on 0274530475.

Lions: Fresh Approach to Community Support

November 3, 2023 November 2023 Comments Off on Lions: Fresh Approach to Community Support

Martinborough Lions club is wanting to increase its efforts with helping the Martinborough Community.

The club is on a mission to deepen its impact on the local community. 

In a recent interview with our president, Belinda, she shared some of the club’s initiatives, including predator control, charity fundraisers like the Skyline Challenge, the senior’s Christmas Party, and participation in events like Toast Martinborough. 

In addition to these, the Lions are active in supporting the Martinborough Fair, generously contributing to the Pump Track, and making vital donations to various causes, such as Camp Quality, Wellington Free Ambulance, and the Men’s Shed defibrillator project.

While these are worthwhile investments, we wish to do more and are looking to focus on a select number of impactful activities each year where we can make an appreciable difference to how people live, interact or engage. The sorts of things we are wanting to get involved in include:

_fostering a sense of community;

_extending support for individuals or groups in need;

_enhancing the safety, security, wellbeing and resilience of the Martinborough community;;

_enriching the recreational, social, health and other opportunities for the local community

_enhancing the visitor experience.

We’ve already begun talking with people in our community to gather suggestions, but we’re open to more ideas. So if you’ve got thoughts about things that would make a difference, we’d love to hear them. 

Please put your thoughts and contact details into an email to: so we can consider them. We’ll then get in contact to explore further.

Star Book Review

November 3, 2023 November 2023, Regular Features Comments Off on Star Book Review

‘Vincent and Sien’ by Silvia Kwon  

Reviewer: Brenda Gale

Silvia Kwon is a Korean born Australian writer with a background in art history and publishing which makes her rather uniquely suited to the subject matter she has chosen in her new book.

1882 in The Hague, and Vincent van Gogh had committed himself to becoming an artist, spending years drawing in charcoal and pencil to ‘perfect the line’ before even picking up a paintbrush. 

He subsisted on an allowance from his younger brother and in today’s parlance would probably be described as neurodivergent. 

It was during these years that he met Sien, a pregnant, illiterate working girl. Their relationship lasted approximately 18 months and was largely based on each fulfilling the base needs of the other. Vincent’s for a model, sex and the fantasy of the perfect family and Sien’s for food and shelter.

These are the known facts about this pairing but Kwon has taken these bare bones and imagined their meeting, their time together, the family dynamics to which they were both beholden and the society in which they were embedded.

All of these things worked together to doom this pair and although they both knew it to some degree, they plunged into an intense relationship anyway. 

The book becomes a little repetitive in the middle as the author strives to have the reader understand just how different their worlds were. However, it makes for a rich tale of longing, hope and ultimately, tragedy. 

‘Vincent and Sien’ is for fans of historical fiction and those for whom Vincent van Gogh remains a troubled enigma all these years after his untimely and tragic death.

Available at your local bookshop.

Freedom camping bylaw feedback

November 3, 2023 November 2023 Comments Off on Freedom camping bylaw feedback

A new bylaw to place some control on where freedom camping can occur is out for community input/consultation.

At times the bane of the tourism sector, freedom camping has become increasingly controlled after enraaged locals in many parts of New Zealand have spoken out at the mess, filth and despoilation so-called freedom campers have bequeathed to many high-interest tourism areas.

Only a small contingent has visited South Wairarapa recently, in part controlled by Covid-19 lockdown requirements. But the space is now again wide open for an influx.

New Zealand’s freedom camping laws allow camping on all council land unless it is prohibited through other methods – like a bylaw. 

The council said it proposes to pass a new bylaw that strikes a balance between attracting and supporting tourism in its area and protecting special places in the district. 

The proposed Freedom Camping Bylaw updates the approach to freedom camping taken in the Coastal Camping Bylaw and gives council a tool to respond to issues related to freedom camping.

“The proposed Freedom Camping Bylaw identifies those areas where freedom camping is appropriate and those areas which may need protection for reasons including environmental and cultural significance, risks to health and safety and other practical considerations,” it said in a statement. 

“We want to ensure we meet the needs of our communities, our visitors, and all those who choose to freedom camp,” it added. … Continue Reading


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Martinborough Golf Club has tumbled down

The demolition of the Martinborough Golf Club is complete. In the last days prior to Christmas a fully-insulated pole shed, much like a top end farm outbuilding, was erected to act as both office and temporary clubhouse. New septic tanks, internet connectivity, power, water, and Porticom loos were installed. On …

Featherston Amateur Wrestling Club

As 2024 gets underway the Featherston Amateur Wrestling Club looks forward to welcoming families back to the gym on Fitzherbert Street Featherston each Wednesday Night from 5.30pm from March 6th. Another exciting year awaits with local, national and international tournaments on the calendar and lots of life skills learned on …

“Over the Hill” tennis tourney (not the players)

Over the scorching weekend of 13 – 14 January 2024, Martinborough Lawn Tennis Club hosted its annual “Over the Hill” tournament.  The Men’s and Women’s doubles on Saturday and mixed doubles on Sunday provided a riveting display of skill, with the draw efficiently managed by Jacob Emery from Dry River …

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