Star’s Founder found.

Following Mate Higginson’s article on long time Star Editor Fred Michell we have been contacted by the grandson of the founder, Neil Closey. The founder was James Henry Claridge. This remarkable person had spent his working life establishing newspapers, thirteen in all, which once established he sold  and moved on …

20 Year Service Medal for Maureen Thurlow

Maureen Thurlow was presented with the Red Cross Twenty Years Service Medal by Branch President Brian Love at the branch’s volunteer Christmas morning tea. Geoff Cave of Carterton received an Award for ten  years service.   Brian thanked members for volunteering for Red Cross and welcomed a very special guest speaker …

Wairarapa Dark Sky part of major world-wide research project 

The South Wairarapa’s night sky is being monitored round the clock in Spain and contributing to a world-wide dark sky database,  thanks to a European research team. The move follows Chairman of the Martinborough Dark Sky Society, Lee Mauger, making a  connection via Twitter with fellow Dark Sky enthusiast Carlos …

Community Garden News 

“ Gardens are not made by singing” oh, how beautiful’ and sitting in the shade”-  Rudyard Kipling Well here we are HOT; still going, and a little over 12 months  since our first produce was harvested. Like everyone , at the moment the garden is suffering from intense heat, and …

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Book reviews

December 19, 2018 December 2019, Regular Features Comments Off on Book reviews

To offer a choice for holiday reading  here are a couple of very different books for consideration: ‘A change of key’ and ‘James Comey – a higher loyalty’.

A change of key

The characters in A change of key by Adrienne Jansen are a number of refugees living in a Wellington city council high rise set of flats. Each lives in their own isolation having  their own back story which, for various reasons they do not want to talk about. 

The city council’s decision to raise the rent gradually brings them together to fight a common cause. In doing so  barriers are gradually broken down as ethnicity suspicions and rumours are proven groundless. Music  proves to be the one thing several have in common and the basis of eventual friendships.

Having worked with refugees in New Zealand Adrienne Jansen can portray an authentic background for her story giving the reader an insight to the problems that these people face as they integrate  into their new way of life. 

A nice undemanding holiday read, I find having a book set in a town I’m familiar with somehow always adds to the story . Anybody who has earlier read Marina Lewycka’s novel the Lubetkin legacy will no doubt notice the similar setting and plot; a group of immigrants living in  London council flats bought together by a common fight with their council landlord.  … Continue Reading

Budding Clarinet Player at Martinborough School

December 19, 2018 December 2019 Comments Off on Budding Clarinet Player at Martinborough School

The smile on Dion Liumaihetau’s face is nearly as wide as the clarinet he is learning to play is long. 

Dion is benefitting from the generosity of clarinet player and internationally recognised music teacher, Mark Walton. Mark was one of the musicians playing during the Martinborough Music Festival. While he was here, Mark visited Martinborough School and spent time telling a fascinated audience about his clarinet and playing it for them. 

Because the basic structure of the clarinet is similar to a recorder, Mark used this instrument to demonstrate how the clarinet is constructed.  He needed an assistant. Dion offered to help. At the end of this demonstration, Mark asked Dion, who was learning the recorder, to play for him. Dion played a perfect scale – no squeaks! When asked if he would like to learn to play the clarinet one day, Dion nodded “yes”. … Continue Reading

Christmas Greetings

December 19, 2018 December 2019 Comments Off on Christmas Greetings

Wishing all our readers the compliments of the Season, a very Happy Christmas and an enjoyable holiday break. Good company, nice food and some fine weather.

Lindie, Mike, David, Chris and Mike.

Picture: Adoration of the Maggi and Shepherds. Pordenone Giovanni Antonio 1484- 1539. 

Community Board 

December 19, 2018 December 2019 Comments Off on Community Board 

Victoria Read

It is with building excitement that I write this column. The library has begun packing up their books and the tenants are preparing to move in to the Waihinga Centre. 

We began this journey over 5 years ago… it has had its ups and downs, but we are nearly there and the centre is looking amazing. 

The Martinborough Community Board has played an active role in the project – the board has donated funds as well as facilitating the use of funds from Pain Estate for the project. We also have a nominated member on the Board of the Waihinga Charitable Trust. 

I want to re-iterate WHY we support this project. This centre is for our future. We see the co-location of community services as being an important facilitator of wellbeing in the community. As the old saying goes – it takes a village to raise a child… 

Our surroundings directly, and profoundly, impact us psychologically, physically, energetically, emotionally and spiritually. If we can deliver an inviting space for just one person who feels lonely or isolated in the community, one child who needs warm and comfortable place to do their homework or one young mother struggling with the demands of a new baby it will have been worth it. 

This building welcomes the visitor to the Wairarapa and lets them know who we are – an innovative, inspired, creative community who values our history, our natural environment and our people.