Difficult Haurangi rescue

Joe Bannister and his friend Dave were in the Haurangi Forest Park. After a long day out in the bush, Joe was heading down a steep hill when the ground gave way and sent him sliding down a cliff face. He fell six metres, badly injuring his leg in the …

Waihinga Centre

Fundraising Success Fundraising efforts are go and so far it has been lots of fun! The Square of Gold kept on rolling until a total of 50 ½ metres had been snapped up, bringing us to a total of $2020. Quite mind blowing given this was only meant as a …

A Very Special Event

Most opera lovers’ commitment to the art form involves buying tickets to public performances.  Winifred Bull and her husband David decided to take their love of opera a whole lot further.  They designed a new home with enough space to stage concerts for more than 100 people.  They particularly wanted …

Under The Martinborough Stars

By Becky Bateman My house is north facing and I get people telling me all the time how good my tomatoes must be. On face value that seems a perfectly fine and normal comment but, thinking deeper, it shows how much the sky affects our lives. The more I thought …

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Having our say

May 15, 2019 May 2019 Comments Off on Having our say

If last year’s cancellation of a speaking engagement by the former Opposition Leader, Do Brash, showed anything, it should have been that the culture of free speech needs support in New Zealand.  Instead, Justice Minister Andrew Little has called for a hastening of a revue of an existing statute that make it an offence to say or publish words that incite discrimination.

It is one thing to urgently review gun laws in the wake of the atrocity which claimed 50 lives by gunfire but it would be a quite different thing to allow one man’s criminal rampage to curtail in any way New Zealand’s freedom of speech. Owning firearms is not a cornerstone of democracy; free speech certainly is.

Andrew Little says that current legal provision of ‘hate speech’ is very narrow. If so then New Zealand is lucky to have so far escaped the zeal with which some countries have tried to proscribe the views that people are allowed to express.

The law should err on the side of supporting free speech because there is a principal that matters more than the discomfort that free speech expression may cause some people on some occasions.

Andrew Little told RNZ National in an interview “that people expected statutes to be very clear and unequivocal and I think that’s the point we want to get to”. 

It may be where some people want to get to. But many other people believe that political and public debates should be robust and that the public does not need protecting from ideas, opinions or, at times , even insults and prejudice.  … Continue Reading

From the Museum

May 15, 2019 Uncategorized Comments Off on From the Museum

The Martinborough Cook Book (undated) was published as a fundraiser for the Martinborough and District Women’s Rest Room, a now vanished but once important amenity in the town.   Each of the 100 recipes recognises the person who provided it, creating a wonderful record of the women of the district at that time.

The book includes the usual range of baking but with self-sufficiency often a necessity it also contains some very interesting household recipes.

There’s a cough mixture that’s guaranteed to make you happier if not healthier with its “threepennyworth each of laudanum and paregoric” (both opium derivatives).    

The hair tonic is innocuous enough until you reach the line that asks for “two ounces of spermacetti”.   That’s a substance obtained from the head of sperm whales (best not to ask how it was harvested).   The embrocation recipe, intended to ease aches and pains, seems guaranteed to increase them. It requires the cook to “beat the mixture for one hour”!

You can see this and other historic cookbooks at the museum Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays between 1.30-3.30pm

From the Mayor

May 15, 2019 May 2019, Regular Features Comments Off on From the Mayor

Today, 24th April, the Council resolved to the temporary chlorination of the Martinborough water supply

It’s been an incredibly busy couple of weeks as we’ve been responding to the second positive E.coli test result on 9 April 2019. This time it was traced back to the reservoirs and Shooting Butts Road areas. Thankfully, subsequent tests have come back clear, but our Boil Water Notice has remained in place.

It’s certainly disruptive to daily life having to boil our drinking water, but protecting the health or residents and visitors to Martinborough is our number one priority. We’ve been working closely with Regional Public Health towards establishing a multi-barrier approach of UV treatment (in place since 2011) and temporary chlorination of the Martinborough water supply, while investigations into the source of recent positive E.coli test results are under way.

This isn’t something that we’ve done lightly as it’s a significant change the community and for our wineries and beer making industries. In light of that, we’ve made sure that there’s reasonable lead-in time for these industries to respond and make sure that products are not affected in any way. The date for the temporary chlorination of the Martinborough water supply has been set at 13 May 2019. 

We will be doing everything possible to reduce the community impact of temporarily chlorinating the water. This will involve proactively flushing the water infrastructure network in the next few weeks. Some people may experience a bit of water discolouration initially, but it shouldn’t be too bad. This short-term problem is part of having safe water while working towards a permanent solution. 

More information about why we need to temporarily chlorinate, and how to manage chlorine in the drinking water has been added to our website at swdc.govt.nz/Martinborough-town-water-situation.                                    

In the meantime, please continue to boil your drinking water as the presence of E.coli has proven to be intermittent. 

Viv Napier

Fire Brigade

May 15, 2019 May 2019, Regular Features Comments Off on Fire Brigade

With the recent “Boil Water” Notice from Council the Martinborough Brigade stepped up and ensured that flyer were in peoples letterboxes and public announcement were made over our appliance loud speakers. I was lovely to see so many of you thank us as we passed by on our mission – it’s just another way we are an integral part of your community’s response in a emergency.

Thank you for being so careful during the Fire Season, it has been great that we have avoided any major fires, and we hope you remembered to check your Smoke Alarms and have had your chimney swept.

If you have ever thought about how to give back to your community, we would love to hear from you. All the training you need, uniform is provided free and the camaraderie is the icing on the cake. We train on Tuesday nights so pop down for a visit, we would love to see you.

The last month has seen an equal spread of calls for assistance for Medical First Response, Motor Vehicle Crashes and Fire calls.

Please drive to the conditions as we move into late Autumn/early Winter and always wear your seatbelt