Waihinga Centre

Packed to the Rafters. The new Waihinga Centre changes daily.  Installation of the exposed rafters is rapidly progressing.  Both rafters and plywood ceiling are one of the key features of the building. This is a key milestone. The high-level roof will be constructed first, and then the outside walls and …

War Memories

By Toni Pyl   Antonia Maria Pijl (Toni) was born in Holland in 1931. Her father was a mechanic and her mother a seamstress. Before settling in The Hague to raise a family of two girls, her parents lived in France for a few years and explored Europe on a …

Time to get out your walking gear

It’s here again, Around the Vines, your annual opportunity to walk, or if you’re super fit run, through seven  of Martinborough’s famous vineyards. So mark your calendar – Sunday 18th March. By offering four levels from a half marathon run to a leisurely 10km walk  Around the Vines certainly caters …

Bike to the Top

– Mountain biking for the Whole Family The return of the Martinborough Skyline Challenge on 15th April, 2018 will give the whole family a chance to experience mountain bike riding around the Martinborough hills on private local farmland. Set on the historic Huangarua, Puruatanga and Oystershell farms, the 4 courses …

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Shining a Ray of Light this Festive Season

December 19, 2017 December 2017 Comments Off on Shining a Ray of Light this Festive Season

This Christmas, Ray White Martinborough is bringing the popular tradition of giving with the “Little Ray of Giving” to Martinborough.

Each year over 400 families need to stay at Ronald McDonald House over Christmas while their child is in a hospital away from home. These families are away from their support network of family and friends and often do not have time to think about Christmas presents.

If you would like to contribute to this wonderful cause, please drop a gift into our office at 7 Kitchener Street between 9.00am & 12.00pm on weekdays from Friday 1st December until Friday 15th December.

Gift Ideas
Small gifts (in case recipients need to fly home).
Kids aren’t the only ones who deserve a gift at Christmas. Gifts for babies, teenagers, Mums and Dads are also greatly needed!
Vouchers are great for any age group e.g. iTunes, beauty, food, or petrol vouchers

We would like to thank you for your generosity and wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Any queries, please contact: Susan Stephen, Property Consultant, Ray White Martinborough – 027 262 2834 or Tania DeJonge – 027 6411 517

“It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves”

December 19, 2017 December 2017 Comments Off on “It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves”

The view from base camp.

– Sir Edmund Hillary.

A year ago a close girlfriend said “I want to trek to Mt Everest Base Camp but I have no-one to do it with”. Me having never been a tramper, camper, trekker or even bushwalker said “I’ll do it with you”! So I bought my first pair of tramping boots and began walking in the Tararuas most weekends.

Weekdays I was in the gym with guidance from Kev Rickey to build strength, and endurance towards being physically prepared for a 12 day trek at altitude.

The trek began near Lukla, which boasts the worlds most dangerous airport at 2800m, and after nearly 9 hours we climbed to Namche Bazaar at 3600m. Even at this altitude walking up a few flights of stairs left you breathless. I wondered how the hell I was going to manage to climb to 5300m at Base Camp and still be alive!

The effects of being at altitude impact everyone differently and it’s something that’s almost impossible to train for. I experienced mild symptoms of Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) with headaches everyday, incredible insomnia, feeling clammy and nauseous and burred vision at one stage.

However the true reality of it came when 6 days into our trek Julie, my trekking buddy, became very sick with AMS. Our guide acted quickly and she was helicoptered to hospital just 2 days before reaching Base Camp. That left me on my own with another couple that was part of our group. My whole reason for going had just been plucked out and it literally felt like I’d lost a limb.

It made the trek even more difficult and at times it was a lonely trudge. Reaching Base Camp at 5364m or 17,600ft was a moment I will never forget. It wasn’t so much the views, as stunning and indescribable as they are, it was the sense of “I did it, I bloody did it!” To give you a comparison Mount Cook sits at just 12,349ft above sea level.

You don’t spend much time at Base Camp once there, it’s literally snap a few pics, take in the scenery then walk back to Gorak Shep to stay a night, before a rapid 3 day decent down to end the trek back in Lukla and have a well deserved Everest Beer!
For me it really wasn’t about ‘Base Camp’ it was more about the journey to getting there. The months of preparation, the mental and physical battles you encounter along the way.

Trekking the Himalayas really is about being on the rooftop of the world. I struggle to put into words just how these mighty mountains touch you. Going 5 days without showering and no access to running water, trekking on just hours of sleep, the things you see, the people, the yaks trains, everything, changes you. It changes your perspective on life and really makes you value the small things.

The trek itself, whilst physically challenging and the hardest thing I have ever done, was stunning and magical. Would I do it again, knowing just how difficult it was? Absolutely! Never be afraid of pushing yourself beyond your limits as you just never know where it might take you!

Corina Lawson

Mrs Patten gets into gear

December 19, 2017 December 2017 Comments Off on Mrs Patten gets into gear

Kuranui College acting principal Maree Patten has ditched her car in favour of an e-bike and has already clocked up a whopping 6,600kms since making the switch in September 2016.

The South Wairarapa teacher spent time in Denmark last year and was attracted to the bike scheme run throughout its capital Copenhagen. “My husband and I hired e-bikes. They’re a lot of fun, you just pay for them and drop them off at the next stand,” she explained. “Inspired, I returned home and bought my own e-bike. The weather’s generally nice here and this country is just perfect for cycling.”

Patten admits she’s no ‘greenie’, but immediately embraced the health benefits of cycling and has cycled to work from her home in Martinborough to the college in Greytown ever since.

She has only missed eight days out of about 180 since adopting this new form of transport. Four were because it was dangerously wet, one was because the Waihenga Bridge was closed, and the rest because Patten was away at a teacher’s conference. … Continue Reading

News from First Church

December 19, 2017 December 2017, Regular Features Comments Off on News from First Church

All good gifts around us are sent from Heaven above
Then thank the Lord, O thank the Lord
for all his love

It’s refreshing to think of these simple words from a popular 19th century hymn as we are bombarded with all the advertisements for buying at Christmas time. At First church we are delighted to be holding a relaxing concert of some classical Christmas music on Sunday 10 December at 3 pm. This will be an informal concert by the Martinborough Quartet and friends in the style of their successful Winter concert in May. You are warmly invited to join us and enjoy “time out” with some delightful music at this particularly busy time of year. … Continue Reading


Golf news

November came and went pretty much without rain, finally the Course has dried out and that little dimpled ball is back running down the fairway, bringing a cheer to many who thought that the rain might never stop. The highlight of the month was the Women winning the Teams Stableford …

Martinborough Netball Club

Indeed while this year is almost over and this article slightly late, just to let you know what the season has been like for the Martinborough Netball Club. The Netball Premier Team moved up a grade this netball season from previous years having played in the Premier 2 grade. We …

Walking is a man’s best medicine. (Hippocrates)

SOUTH WAIRARAPA TRAMPING CLUB While crossing a busy intersection in Christchurch last week I spotted a banner sporting the message: WALK2freeTHE.MIND. This surely captures in a catch-phrase a credible philosophy. Throughout the decades numerous walking quotes have been recorded, many of which portray the physical and mental benefits of a …

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Waihinga Centre

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News from First Church

All good gifts around us are sent from Heaven above Then thank the Lord, O …

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